My Forever Family

By: Kelly Kiernan

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My Forever Family - Kelly Kiernan

Joseph A Gregori High School


When I was two years old, I was fortunate enough to be adopted along with my two sisters. Although I was only in the foster care system for two and a half years, I still go through tough times when it comes to my health insurance and getting the care I need when I need it along with other things. Regardless, I am extremely lucky to have the parents that I have. They have my back through thick and thin, supporting me in everything I do and more. I'm now a senior in high school about to walk into adulthood and have many goals ahead of me. I aspire to become an investigative reporter and work in human services, because I believe the news should be told honestly and that every child who does not have a home should be given the chance to be welcomed into one. Math is the one thing I struggle in and it tends to hold be back but I will in no way, shape, or form let it get the best of me. I will continue to fight my battles and strive to be the best me I can be.