By: Tyshae

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Overcoming - Tyshae

Baltimore City Community College


The reason my story title is overcoming because my first 3 years of high school I was at maritime industry Academy, and the school got relocated so I went to friendship Academy engineering of technology. It was a good school but I miss my old school. When it was time for me to start looking into colleges I wasn't sure I was going to get into a college because when I took my SAT my scores drop some.

The first college I got accepted into was Baltimore Community College but I wanted to wait to see if I will get into another college and I did and that college was called Norwich University all the way in Vermont. I had got a 4 year scholarship I was so excited because my hard work and my good grades finally paid off but then I found out the my scholarship was not a 4 year scholarship and it didn't cover all my tuition even with my financial aid I still had to pay $2500.

I was upset because I didn't really expand my college options like I should have. I didn't know what to do, not only was I not going to college but on top of that people in my family was telling me I was letting go of my dream and I should not do that. And to me I wasn't letting my dream go I'm just not going to a college out of state but I want to become a pediatric nurse and a registered nurse. So now I'm enrolled in Baltimore City Community College and and I will do nursing for 2 years there and transfer to a 4 year college and take my SAT over even though I will have to pay, I will pay because I want go to coppin and when I set a goal I will go always keeping going until it's complete. That's why my title is overcoming because for everyone who had something bad to say or just was negative about my college situation I know how to get back at them and thats staring off at a community college and working my way up to be the best. Nothing or no one will stop me - I will become more than one nurse, dance teacher, school teacher, on my own make up line and ect. Because I'm tough and I can do it.