Being Comfortable in My Own Hijab

By: Sarah Smidi

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Being Comfortable in My Own Hijab - Sarah Smidi

Toledo Islamic Academy


Simple stares from people surrounding me, whether it be in the mall or the library, has become something normal in my life. I wear the headscarf. Every day I step out into my community is a day to hold my head up high and exclaim that I am proud of who I am and what I believe in.

I am Muslim. Others ask if my way of life was forced upon me, truth is, I'm the happiest person I could ever be. I am not oppressed. And because the tables turn when terrible individuals gain their 15 seconds of fame for a terrorizing act, I get the same 15 seconds of fame from the people surrounding me who now don't see my strength, confidence, and love. Instead of living with pride amongst city people who embody diversity, I live with disappointment, confusion, and exclusion. By speaking out about this important issue and trying to make a change by presenting myself as honest and kind, I'm relieving the problem inch by inch. I am determined. I am hopeful. I am Sarah Smidi.