Overcoming Your Demons

By: Katie-Lynn

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Overcoming Your Demons - Katie-Lynn

Woodland Christian Highschool


One of the hardest things I ever had to do in life was continue my life when I did not want to anymore. It's a crazy and frankly quite a scary thing to think about. That each and every single one of us has so much power over our body and ourselves. I remember a lifeless girl lying on the floor, crying, blood streaming down my arms and legs, and my stomach aching for some sort of food. This girl was me. She was scared, confused, she had no idea what was happening to her. How her thoughts could control her, how her mind would make up lies that she fully believed. 'You're fat' her brain would say, 'you're ugly, worthless, no one will ever love you'.

And one day the depression was too much for me to handle. I remember spending countless nights in bed, literally fighting for my life. Fighting to hold on one more night, one more day. Thinking to myself, 'maybe tomorrow will be better'. But honestly, tomorrow was never better. If anything it was worse.

I felt like my body was eating me away. To be honest, it probably was seeing as I barely ate. I felt like I had no friends, because I couldn't tell anyone what was happening behind the fake smile.

Over a year ago today, I was admitted into the hospital. I talked to a lot of doctors, therapists, nurses, etc. And I found the help I needed. From there, things started to look up for the better. I got on a normal and healthy sleeping schedule, I slowly started eating again, and I even made a friend or two at school.

I'm not gonna lie to you, and say after the hospital everything was sunshine and rainbows, because it wasn't. I still have to fight every day and sometimes the demons inside of me are so loud I can barely think straight. But I hold on to the hope of that one day, they will fade.

A friend once told me that demons fight their hardest right before a breakthrough. So whoever you are, and whatever demons you may be facing, know that you can and will overcome them. It just may take some time and a lot of faith.