By: Alaryana Lipke

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Self-Growth - Alaryana Lipke

University Of Wisconsin-La Crosse


Ever since I was a young girl, I have fantasized about my cap flying through the air, just like I saw at my cousin’s graduation. I remember the colors swirling together, and hearing the happiness all around me. I remember seeing my grandmother and grandfather smiling with tears in their eyes, and saying how proud they were. But what stuck with me most was my young mother gripping my shoulders, and telling me how I must be better than she had been.

As a six year old, I had no idea what that meant because my mother was my hero, but her pleas were forever engraved in my mind. As I grew in age, my naivety diminished and I discovered my mother’s message. She was forced to raise me at a very young age and she had to do it by herself. My father drifted in and out of my life when I was a toddler due to his poor life choices, refusal to grow up, and failure to accept his responsibilities, resulting my mom to parent alone. She sacrificed her college career and had to work numerous jobs, and strenuous hours to make the ends meet. She had persistently told me to work extremely hard in school, so I would never go through the heartbreaking hardships she endured. This is why I want to go to college-- so I can make her proud, and to show her that she raised a hardworking, charismatic, and determined young woman. I desire a career in nursing, and more specifically a neonatal nurse, and I plan on studying at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Watching my mother struggle to raise me and not being able to provide me with absolutely everything I wanted has pushed me to want more for myself. That is my main career goal and how I made my decision to become who I am today. I listened to her warning, and I was constantly in a book, volunteering, and practicing to make sure that I didn’t end up struggling like my mother had, but both of our adversities and triumphs have crafted me into this intelligent, hardworking, and eager young woman, and I cannot be more grateful.

I can recall one life-changing experience that heavily influenced me, and it was a clip that I had seen. It consisted of an older, homeless gentleman that was telling young teens that the one thing he would have done differently was to take school seriously. He would explain his issues throughout his schooling career and all of the issues he mentioned were completely relatable. Hearing his encounters and how they compared with mine really opened my eyes and helped me decide that in order to have the opportunity to grow financially, emotionally, and spiritually, I would have to continue my education. Without this type of achievement, there would be no self-growth, and self-growth is imperative throughout one’s life. I believe that I am not going to be ever done growing, because there is so much more I can learn, and there is so much more that I can do, and it is important to grow, because the result is infinite.