By: Simran Tapadia

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Smile - Simran Tapadia

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There's a story behind every smile.. They say loneliest people are the kindest ­­ And yes that’s true. Today I came to know something about someone who I have known for so long. I mean, all this time he did not even tell me this. Definitely it’s difficult to say things like this, but this news shocked all lot.

So there’s this guy who I met in my classes. He is a very jolly, kind, funny, sweet, in short a true gentleman. I really liked bhaiya. He even drops me home when I don’t have car. According to my knowledge, I know that he has a PR company of metal bands, And he’s a crazy fan of metal bands. Till date I never knew he did not have family. I mean when he said I’m all lonely, and I have nobody at home with me. I mean this news came like an arrow to me.

This made me think about life­­­­; It’s like why always good people have to suffer? Why doesn’t GOD punish bad people? Maybe there are stuffs which I don’t know about bhaiya, but I have the right to judge him, and according to my judgement he’s a really nice human being. Out of curiosity I asked, how did he lose his family? He acknowledged me by saying that he lost his father when he was young and it made my heart go numb. He also mentioned that he lost his siblings in a car crash. I’m may not have heard properly about bhaiya’s mothers death, I guess it was because so some diseases or same car crash as his siblings in 2009. I mean since 6 years he’s all alone in a house with no one to comfort him, no one to ask if he’s OK, no one to give him a hug, no one to check on him. It’s really depressing. I know I shouldn’t feel bad about him, but can’t help it. No matter how hard I try I still feel like I’m­­ going to burst into tears. I feel like telling my parents about this, but I fear they won’t feel same as I do.

He doesn’t even have a girlfriend. In fact he told me about a girl named if I’m not mistaken, that he likes her and is hanging out with her a lot lately. All I really hope is that he asks her out and they both date and get married. He has maintained himself so good. If you look at him, you won’t be able to say that he’s been through so much. I have always believed that I have no rights to judge anyone nor does anyone have. Everyone has a story with them. You cannot judge anyone. I’m glad I have bhaiya as friend and a brother in my life. I know, I haven’t known him for long, but for how much ever time I have spent with him, it has been wonderful experience.

After all that he has been through he never gave up on his dreams and beliefs, he owns a successful company, with a bright future. We should all be happy about the things and people around us, because you never know what happens next. I can't even live without my parents for a week, and he is living without them since so many years. We all are blessed in different ways. We all need to learn the value of people around us. We need to understand the meaning of relationships. We all think someone is there for us today and will be there tomorrow. But we are wrong.