Living With Diabetes

By: Mikayla Greaves

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Living With Diabetes - Mikayla Greaves

University of Massachusetts Amherst


I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 15 months old. I had to learn from a very young age that there was certain foods I could never eat and certain paths in life I could never take.

MY life from that moment forward became a balancing act. I had to watch what I ate, how long it was since I last tested my blood sugar, how much insulin to give myself, and when to give myself insulin. Taking care of my diabetes took up much of my time and my grades in school suffered for it.

I was having difficulties in school, especially with Math. I was failing tests and homework and did not understand any of the material presented to me. Seeking extra help was difficult because I had to be sure to test myself and have my testing supplies with me.

These tutoring sessions would sometimes have me so focused on my work that I would forget to test myself. If I forgot to test myself and my blood sugar was low I would have problems reading, comprehending, and speaking. Low blood sugars impair my ability to perform even basic tasks such as getting a drink of water. Low blood sugar would make it impossible for me to complete these tutoring sessions that I desperately needed.

However, I kept going to these tutoring sessions despite the interference from my diabetes and eventually my grades improved. After Elementary school I didn't need a tutor anymore and my grades began to steadily rise which each year.