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Report Finds Serious Problem at Braswell's Hampton Manor in Yucaipa

On September 13, 2011, inspectors with Operation Guardians, a multi-agency task force, discovered numerous health and safety violations after paying a random visit to Braswell's Hampton Manor, a nursing home in Yucaipa. It was their objective to observe and inspect the facility for any issues that put the residents at risk. What they found is certainly disturbing and cause for serious concern.

Violations at Braswell's Hampton Manor

The task force, which is also made up of medical professionals, reviewed the care of 15 residents at the Yucaipa nursing home. The Physician’s Report filed by Operation Guardians included a number of serious violations. The report states that the "residents at this nursing facility are being avoidably harmed due to these deficient practices."

Among the many concerns at the facility were:

  • Failure to control infections: The facility failed to have in place an effective way to monitor, prevent, diagnose or treat infections. In fact, many patients had a similar infection, which could mean that infections spread throughout the facility. There was confusion among the staff regarding the proper infection control methods. Some staff members were not even aware that certain patients had infections. Many patients were suffering from Clostridium-related infections or urinary tract infections. There were notable failures to diagnose, treat and prevent these harmful infections. Both Clostridium infections and urinary tract infections have simple and effective treatments.
  • Failure to provide adequate end-of-life care: Approximately 15 percent of the residents were receiving hospice care, and yet, the care provided to the patients was found to be inadequate and substandard. Some patients who were being fed through a feeding tube were not properly monitored. Nurses at the facility also failed to properly follow up on important notes from hospice workers.
  • Failure to provide adequate staffing: According to the report, the facility simply did not have enough staff to provide adequate care to the residents. Visible evidence of understaffing included lack of hygiene, lack of bedside care, number of infections and the number of patients who were unattended. There were also "gross lapses" in nursing assessment and monitoring, the report stated.

Health and Safety Concerns

Members of the task force observed several incidents of neglect that could put patients in harm's way. For example, they observed that several residents were not positioned correctly to eat their food. Some were slumped over or lying down while others were allowed to sleep as their food got cold. The licensed staff needed reminding before assisting the residents to eat.

  • One patient who requires his head moved every 30 minutes was left alone without assistance for over four hours.
  • A patient was being fed food that was specifically listed on her report as something she does not eat.
  • The facility had filthy carpets and floorings.
  • Many areas required deep cleaning.
  • There were many potential health risks including a failure to identify items by the patient's name. For example, toothbrushes and bedpans were not labeled as belonging to one particular patient.
  • Several residents complained of valuables missing and the facility's apathy toward their concerns.
  • Staffing levels were also below the required 3.2 nursing hours per resident on two of the six days randomly reviewed.

Holding Negligent Nursing Homes Accountable

Nursing homes are required under the law to provide quality care to the frail and often elderly patients who depend on them to maintain their dignity and health. These are individuals who count on nursing homes to provide end-of-life care. When a nursing home fails to provide quality nurses or adequate staff in order to cut corners and increase profits, it is absolutely unacceptable. Filing a civil claim against nursing homes that cause injury or harm to their patients is the best way to hit them where it hurts the most – their pocketbook.

The skilled San Bernardino County nursing home abuse attorneys at our law firm have a long and successful track record of helping nursing home abuse victims and their families obtain justice and fair compensation for their injuries and losses. Please contact us for more information about pursuing your legal rights.

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