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Newport Beach Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Newport Beach Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

The Newport Beach nursing home abuse lawyers of Bisnar Chase have a long and successful track record of helping elderly victims of abuse and neglect. If a nursing home resident has been harmed while under the care of a facility, we can help.

We all need a little help as we get older. A lot of people will end up living in a full-time nursing home once they can no longer look after themselves, and the staff at these facilities have a duty of care to their residents. But we have seen and handled a shocking number of elder abuse and neglect cases in Newport Beach.

Abusive or neglectful actions within a nursing home can have serious consequences for elderly residents. If you know someone who has suffered due to the actions of a facility or its staff in or around the 92660 area, it is time to take action. Our Newport Beach nursing home abuse attorneys can offer expert guidance and make sure victims get the justice and compensation they deserve.

Contact Bisnar Chase now for a free consultation. Our Newport Beach injury lawyers will review your case with no obligations for you to proceed with a nursing home lawsuit. Call (949) 203-3814 for immediate help, or click the button below.

Choosing the Right Newport Beach Nursing Home

Choosing the right nursing home to care for your loved one is an extremely important decision. There is a huge range of facilities in Newport Beach, and many of them are excellent. But you need to do your research.

Some nursing homes are understaffed with underpaid and poorly trained employees. They push the bottom line so far that they endanger the lives of their patients. Other facilities do not have the proper safeguards in place to ensure their employees behave properly.

Once you choose a nursing home for a family member, you expect them to be well cared for. When that does not happen, or you have reason to suspect that they have been neglected or subjected to physical or emotional abuse, the best course of action is to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Newport Beach.

Our elder abuse specialists will work with you to make sure your loved ones are not mistreated. We can bring forward a nursing home abuse lawsuit which holds the facility and its staff accountable for their actions.

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Types of Elder Abuse

There are a number of ways in which a facility may abuse or neglect their residents. A few common examples of nursing home abuse include:

  • Physical Abuse: Violent acts against the elderly are unacceptable. This can include everything from physical contact – such as striking or shaking a resident – to force-feeding them. Intentional acts of physical abuse are often the easiest to identify, as elderly people can suffer bruising, bleeding, and broken bones easily.

  • Emotional Abuse: Emotional trauma inflicted upon nursing home residents can be just as damaging as physical abuse. This may include insults, taunts, threats, and verbal degradation. It can also describe a form of manipulation.

  • Financial Abuse: Some staff members may attempt to con or steal from residents. This may involve stealing checks or jewelry, or convincing a resident to modify a will or deed for their gain. In some cases, staff members will manipulate residents or forge their signatures to steal from them.

  • Neglect: Care facilities have a legal responsibility to keep their patients clean and well fed. Victims of neglect may be malnourished, dehydrated or in some cases, be unnecessarily medicated or sedated.

  • False Imprisonment: This is when a care facility locks a resident in his or her room or keeps them in confinement within the facility.

  • Sexual abuse: This occurs when a nursing home resident is tricked or forced into sexual actions without consent. Sexual abuse could be committed by anyone inside a facility, including members of staff, residents and visitors. Nursing homes have a responsibility to carry out proper background checks on staff, as well as providing a safe and secure environment at all times.

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Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

A nursing home carer aggressively grabs an elderly woman's arm.

Some of the statistics surrounding elder abuse in nursing homes across the United States paint a terrifying picture.

  • A study carried out by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that 85% of all nursing homes reported one or more allegations of abuse or neglect in 2012.

  • One elderly person out of every 10 is subjected to some form of abuse on average. This includes everything from physical to verbal abuse.

  • A study in New York found that a shocking 260,000 elderly people in the NY area had been victims of abuse or neglect in the year preceding the investigation.

  • More than 15,000 cases of nursing home abuse or neglect are serious enough to be reported to the National Ombudsman every year.

  • The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) indicates that elder and nursing home abuse is majorly underreported. For every case of abuse, neglect, or exploitation that is investigated, about five more go unreported.

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Signs of Newport Beach Nursing Home Abuse

The statistics show that a huge number of elderly abuse cases go unreported. This may be because the resident is too scared to speak up, feel that they have no one to tell, or do not have the capacity to raise the alarm.

Family members should look out for warning signs or nursing home abuse, such as:

  • Physical marks, including welts, bruises, and broken bones
  • Sudden changes in personality or behavior
  • An unwillingness to speak in the presence of caregivers
  • Bedsores
  • Sudden changes made to the resident's will or power of attorney
  • Signs of malnutrition or dehydration
  • Other unexplained injuries or ailments

The impact that any form of abuse can have on an elderly nursing home resident is huge. Far beyond the potential for physical pain, it can have long-term psychological consequences and destroy a person's later years. Extreme cases of abuse might even result in wrongful death.

Trust the elderly abuse attorneys of Bisnar Chase to make sure a Newport Beach facility cannot get away with wrongdoing.

Brian Chase - Senior Partner at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys

Brian D. Chase, Senior Partner:
“If a loved one is complaining about the conditions of a nursing home, or about not being treated properly, give that serious consideration. A lot of these places are understaffed or poorly run, and those complaints are very real.”

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What To Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse at a Newport Beach Facility

If you can see the signs of abuse or neglect, what should you do about it?

There are several steps you can take. These include:

  • Gather any evidence of potential abuse, including medical records, and take photographs of any injuries.
  • Talk to other family members of residents at the same facility to see if they have similar concerns.
  • Contact the authorities. Abuse or neglect must be reported to the police and/or elder protective services.
  • Consider moving your loved one to a different facility if you think they are in danger.
  • Hire a Newport Beach nursing home negligence attorney.

It is best to trust a legal service professional if you suspect that abuse is taking place in a Newport Beach care home. Turn to one of our expert Newport Beach personal injury lawyers for help and guidance.

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How to Find the Best Newport Beach Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Near Me?

When you are searching for the best nursing home abuse attorneys in Newport Beach, there are several qualities you should look for.

Hire a law firm which:

  • Has a long track record of successful cases – particularly those involving nursing home abuse and neglect
  • Has the resources to handle your case
  • Advances all costs to support its clients
  • Is local to Newport Beach and knows the courts surrounding the 92660 area
  • Provides a knowledgeable abuse attorney who communicates well and is receptive to your wishes

There are plenty of law firms out there, with and a huge lawyer directory of potential candidates to take your case. But they do not all offer the same quality of service. At Bisnar Chase we believe in providing superior representation for our clients.

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How Much Does an Elderly Abuse Lawyer Cost?

An elderly nursing home resident receiving treatment for a black eye.

At Bisnar Chase we offer a 'No Win, No Fee' guarantee to our clients, advancing all costs while we handle your case. This means that when you hire us, we will handle all reasonable costs needed to win your case.

With this system, the client will not pay a dime unless our Newport Beach nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys win their case. In such cases, we will fight for compensation for financial losses such as medical expenses and care costs, as well as pain, mental anguish, and punitive damages.

We believe in our abilities to get the right result for you and your loved ones.

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Hiring a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Newport Beach

At Bisnar Chase we are dedicated to holding wrongdoers accountable by taking on nursing home abuse lawsuits. Nursing home staff have a duty to provide quality care to residents, and it is despicable when they abuse or exploit their elderly charges.

We are proud to represent clients in Orange County and across Southern California. Our firm has been based in Newport Beach for more than 40 years and has developed an exceptional 99% success rate. We have also collected more than $650 million for our many satisfied clients.

Trust our Newport Beach nursing home abuse lawyers to secure justice and compensation for you and your loved ones. Call (949) 203-3814, visit our Newport Beach law offices, or click to contact us now.

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