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Bus Accident Attorneys Newport Beach

Bus Accident Attorneys Newport Beach

If you have been the victim of any type of bus accident, please contact our Newport Beach Bus Accident Lawyers. Bus crashes can leaver passengers with catastrophic injuries and also may lead to extreme property damage.

The law firm of Bisnar Chase has won over $500 Million dollars in rewards for our injury clients. Bisnar Chase's legal representation has been gaining compensation for the medical bills and lost wages of accident victims for over 40 years.

To find out if you have a case, contact our Newport Beach bus accident attorneys.

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How Do I Know I Need a Bus Crash Attorney?

When you are not fully compensated for the damages you have faced after a public transportation accident then you can be left to pay out-of-pocket for hefty medical expenses. An experienced injury lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation of your accident. Your attorney will inspect if there were any issues that involved the bus driver's transit skills or with the bus itself.

Hiring a bus accident lawyer can also help you maneuver through the complexities of a bus crash case. It is more than likely that a bus collision involved more than one person making the case a little complicated. Your injury attorney can use other claims for your advantage.

The law offices of Bisnar Chase are passionate about winning your case. We look at every possible angle to get you every penny of the compensation you deserve.

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Factors That Can Effect Your Newport Beach Bus Crash Case

Whether the accident involves a person on the bus injured during a crash, a car driver hit by a bus, or a pedestrian or bicycle rider who was injured in a bus crash, each type of case brings its own challenges to the victim and the attorney, but experienced personal injury attorneys understand the laws regarding bus crash injuries and can help you gain a fair settlement no matter what the circumstances of your accident.

Whether the bus is privately or publicly owned will affect your case. A privately owned bus company has a higher duty of care and to protect their passengers and others on the road. A skilled bus collision attorney understands the ins and outs of injury law and knows how to deal with insurance companies.Bus accident lawyers in Newport Beach As with any vehicle injury, medical costs can soar. An experienced Newport Beach Bus Accident Lawyer will be able to maximize your compensation and this can include time lost from work, physical injuries and medical costs.

Typical Bus Accident Cases We Handle

  • Party bus accidents
  • County school buses
  • Public transportation
  • Private commuter buses

Common Bus Accident Injuries in Newport Beach

There are many reasons why buses are involved in accidents. Faulty parts, poor road conditions, inexperience, operator fatigue, and manufacturer defects are just a few. Your chances of being in a bus crash are relatively small, given the number of buses on the road and the safe trips they make each and every day. However, when a bus crash happens, it often has dire consequences for the victims. The results include serious injuries and many famalies may sue for the wrongful death of their loved one.

The following are common injuries that bus crash victims suffer from:

Spinal cord injuries: Damages to the spinal cord can lead to devastating physical and emotional outcomes. Many people who suffer from spinal cord injuries can be left with an incomplete or complete injury. An incomplete spinal cord fracture is an injury that leaves the accident victim partially paralyzed. This means that the individual loses sensation or movement in a certain part of the body.

A complete spinal cord injury involves a person being completely paralyzed from the point of their injury. If a person has suffered an injury directly at the neck, then they may lose sensation and the ability to move any body part from the neck down. Spinal cord injury victims can accumulate medical cost from $15,000-$30,000 in one year. These costs included medical equipment, rehabilitation and pain and suffering.

Whiplash: A person suffering from minor or extreme neck pain after a bus incident can possibly be suffering from whiplash. Whiplash is when the neck experiences a strong impact that forces the neck to move back and forth. The type of treatment that a whiplash victim may need after they have been examined by a medical professional is a neck brace. Other symptoms of whiplash can include pain in the jaw, ears ringing or feeling stiffness in the shoulder.

Bus crash lawyers in Newport Beach

Lacerations and Broken Bones: Many people suffer from broken bones when they are involved in a bus accident. The force and the weight of the bus can lead many victims to strike the inside of the bus violently. Bus accident victims also suffer from many lacerations. A Laceration is defined as a deep tear or cut in the epidermis. In a bus collision, a person can acquire deep cuts that may need stitches or in extreme cases plastic surgery. It is important that victims seek immediate medical attention if they have experienced a laceration or broken bone.

Types of Bus Collisions in Newport Beach

Some bus riders are injured by a careless bus driver when he or she crashes into another car or a light pole. There have been a few bus crashes that even resulted in multiple deaths and serious injuries. Just because a driver has a license to drive a bus does not necessarily make him or her a careful driver. Riding on a bus can and sometimes does lead to serious injuries and death.

Another common type of bus accident happens when the bus driver strikes a car, bicycle, or pedestrian. These usually involve the most serious injuries as the victims have little protection from the massive force of the bus itself. Buses are much larger than any passenger vehicle, and being hit by a bus usually causes serious damage to a vehicle and to its passengers. Pedestrians and cyclists can be injured if a bus strikes them, and these injuries can be life-threatening.

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