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Mission Viejo Dog Bite Lawyers

Mission Viejo Dog Bite Lawyers

The Mission Viejo Dog Bite Lawyers of Bisnar Chase understand that experiencing a vicious dog bite can be mentally and emotionally debilitating. Mission Viejo residents are bitten by dogs each year. In many cases, a person bitten by an animal may have a legal right to pick up compensation from the animal's holder or another accountable party.

Over the past 40 years, the injury attorneys of Bisnar Chase have earned $650 Million dollars in winnings for clients who have experienced serious harm due to a dog owners negligence. We believe that as an injury victim you should be compensated for the damages you have faced.

If you or someone you know has suffered from catastrophic injuries from a dog bite victim contact the law firm of Bisnar Chase today. When you call 949-203-3814 you will receive a free case evaluation from a top-notch Mission Viejo dog bite attorney.

What to Do When an Animal Bites You

Being involved in a dog bite incident can be stressful and terrifying especially if it involves a child. In one year, data had shown that almost half of the reported dog bite claims involved children younger than 11. There are steps you can take to make sure that you as a victim or your child is taken cared of.

  1. Seek medical attention immediately: If you are not treated, dog bites can cause grave injury, disease, and even death. The dog should also be put in an area where he could no longer reach the person that has been bitten. Stay calm and consult with a doctor urgently.
  2. Gather evidence: At a minimum, you should offer the name and contact of the animal's holder. If you don't have this information, a neighbor or a observer might be able to give it to you. Also, if there were witnesses, you should get their names and contact information as well.
  3. Call an experienced dog bite lawyer: A dog bite specialty attorney can assist you regarding a legal claim and what damages you may be able to recover. A Mission Viejo dog bite attorney will request details about the situation regarding your dog encounter. At a minimum, you should offer the name and contact of the animal's holder.

Legal Responsibility for Dog/Animal Bites

In deciding who is accountable for an animal bite, the first issue to decide is: who is the owner of the animal? Some states impose what is known as "strict accountability" upon animal owners whose animals bite or attack others.

Under the theory of strict accountability, an owner is legally guilty ("liable") for an animal bite, regardless of whether the owner did anything wrong with regard to protecting others from attack. Under this conjecture, even if the owner had no reason to know that his or her animal was hazardous, if the animal bit someone, the owner would still be accountable.

In other states, the owner of an animal can be held legally responsible for the injuries it inflicts, provided that the owner knew that the animal had "dangerous leanings." In other words, if an animal owner knows that his or her canine is perilous and could cause harm to a person, the animal owner can be held liable for the animal's injurious actions.

Mission Viejo Dog Bite attorneys

Are Owners the Only Ones Responsible for Dog Bites?

Although dog owners are usually the individuals primarily responsible for the dog, if the dog is under someone else's care for a short period of time, that caretaker can be liable for injuries as well. Many other individuals, firms and official agencies can be held answerable.

Other parties that can liable for a dog bite:

  • The dog liability law might cover owners and also "harborers" and "keepers" of the dog.
  • Dog day care centers and some schools sometimes let dogs to mix with the kids, resulting in damage to both dogs and children.
  • Shops and eateries intermittently or even regularly allow regulars to bring in their dogs. Other customers can fall over leashes or get bitten. 
  • Animal control officers from time to time carelessly permit a acknowledged risky dog to wander the area, ultimately resulting in severe injuries to a person.
  • Police now and then inattentively let their working cannines maul suspects or even bite people other than suspects. 
  • Employers may be held responsible for likely injuries incurred by canines belonging to staff and used in the course of their work. The point for legal blame is simply based on being the employer, not on distraction. 

Ensuring You Receive Compensation

The compensation that a dog victim receives in a settlement varies from state to state. California has held the position as having the most dog bite claims in the nation. Experts say though that when dogs bite, home insurers pay an average of $32,000 dollars.

Having the following information will increase your chances of gaining the compensation you need for the damages accumulated from the dog bite.

  • Medical records
  • Police report
  • Names of the dog owner or handler, and all witnesses
  • Photographs of the wounds before they are treated and afterwards

Legal Representation You Can Trust

The Mission Viejo Dog Bite personal injury lawyers of Bisnar Chase, have represented over 12,000 clients. With a 99% success rate our dog bite attorneys have aided clients with healing from their mental, physical and financial losses.

We stand ready to assist you.

Call us at 949-203-3814 or contact us for more information or a free consultation.

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