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Mission Viejo Car Accident Lawyers

People who seek compensation for "pain and suffering" from a car accident owe it to themselves to consult an experienced a Mission Viejo auto accident attorney. Many believe they'll never get into a car collision in Mission Viejo, California, but recent statistics tell a different story.

The "Safest" Communities Can Still Have Car Accidents

The California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) showed that seven people died and 250 were injured in Mission Viejo car crashes. One pedestrian died and 11 were injured. One bicyclist died and five were injured in collisions with cars. Motorcycle accidents injured 13. Drunk drivers caused four deaths and 27 injuries. In 2007, three car collisions ended in three fatalities.

Details make the Difference in Car Accident Injury Compensation

The very best Mission Viejo car crash lawyers advise car accident victims to maintain accurate records of their injuries. They tell their clients that if they want to be fairly compensated for their pain and suffering, they'll have to persuade hard-nosed insurance negotiators and skeptical jurors (should the case goes to trial) the full extent of their injuries.

The fact is, injured victims often must wait years to present their case to a jury--if the case ends up in trial. Imagine how difficult it would be to try to recall how your injuries impacted your daily activities. Or how painful simple tasks were for you during those early months of healing--things like bathing, preparing meals or putting dishes away. And would you be able to recall all the vacations and visits to relatives you missed due to your injuries? A daily or weekly log would be indispensable.

Pain and Suffering Can be Challenging to Prove

The most successful Mission Viejo car collision lawyers urge their clients to keep a log that documents all these details. They also tell their clients to document the discomfort, anxiety, difficulty in sleeping or in staying awake, and other problems that resulted from the car accident. To prove pain and suffering, one needs a written record, because people simply can't recall everything years after an accident.

The Best Car Accident Lawyer Can Provide the Guidance You Need

You'll discover that really skilled Mission Viejo auto collision attorneys usually offer no charge, no pressure consultations. They can help show you what most car accident victims should be aware of--traps to avoid and procedures to follow -- if you wish to be fairly compensated for your pain and suffering.

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