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Alabama IV Bag Contamination Leads to Nine Deaths

When officials discovered that nine deaths in Alabama were directly related to contaminated IV bags, many felt that this dangerous product defect was handled in the best way possible. Although nine people were killed, the death count was not substantially higher because employees working at the contaminated hospital sites were able to identify and report it. Unfortunately, the masses have become so accustomed to defective products that many forget to even consider that these deaths were the fault of another. As with any products liability case, these deaths could have been easily avoided had the manufacturers spent the time to ensure the safety of their consumers.

Birmingham-Based Meds IV Stays Quiet During Investigation

The culprit of this new products liability disaster seems to be Birmingham-Based Meds IV. According to state health officials, nine of the nineteen patients who were infected with bacteria that got into their blood after they were fed intravenously have died in six Alabama hospitals. All of these cases seem to have stemmed from the use of an IV bag that was manufactured by Birmingham-Based Meds IV.

The bacteria, identified as serratia marcescens bacteremia, can prove fatal, though investigators -- including those from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention -- have not determined that they caused the deaths, they said, adding that the investigation is ongoing. They said that the bacterium that was discovered in the defective IV bags would have entered the bloodstream easily and "with a pretty quick effect in terms of blood pressure and temperature," he said.

Health officials are clear that these product defects no longer pose a threat to anyone who has not already been identified and that the product, which was recalled last Thursday, was available only from Birmingham-Based Meds IV and sold to the hospitals.

The most disturbing part of a product liability case is the fact that the manufacturers of these deadly products, in most cases, do not ever admit fault or apologize to the victim's families. This case is no different and the manufacturer, Birmingham-Based Meds IV, has yet to release a statement.

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