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Infuse Bone Graft Side Effect Attorneys

When bones are badly damaged in an accident or through illness, doctors can sometimes repair the damage through the use of bone grafts.  There are several types of bone graft procedures available to doctors, but one of the most popular in the last few years has been the use of something called a morphogenic protein.  Morphogenic comes from a combination of two words, morph which means change, and gen which means growth.  A morphogenic protein works by causing the bone to grow more quickly to the graft, speeding recovery time and increasing the likelihood that the procedure will be successful.  Bone graft morphogenic proteins are combined with a sponge-like material that gives the new bone an anchor on which to grow; essentially, a bone graft enhanced by a morphogenic protein is attempting to “beat the clock” by getting bone growth started much more quickly, theoretically giving the patient a better chance of successful growth and faster healing.

However, the protein marketed by Medtronic under the brand name Infuse has been shown to have a high rate of failure and can lead to serious complications for bone graft patients.  Several male patients have experienced infertility after undergoing Infuse procedures, and others have experienced inflammatory reactions of soft tissue and cyst development.  In some cases, these side effects have led to breathing complications that can be life-threatening.  In other cases, bone grafts were unsuccessful or the patients had to undergo additional surgery in order to correct problems with the new bone growth.

If you have undergone an Infuse bone graft and you have experienced any side effects, it is important that you protect your rights and alert both the medical community and the public of the risks involved in this procedure.  However, it is unlikely that you can do this alone; you need the help of experts who understand the problems associated with the use of bone graft proteins and who know how to recover damages for your pain, suffering, and emotional trauma.

Infuse bone graft attorneys work with victims who have suffered from these bone graft procedures.  You may not be sure if you are a victim; perhaps you are not even sure if your doctor used an Infuse morphogenic protein in your procedure.  In order to find out, consult a bone graft attorney who can review your medical records and give you sound legal advice about the possibilities of recovering damages for complications with your bone graft surgery.

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