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California Bard Vaginal Mesh Lawyers

This content serves for informational purposes only. Our firm is no longer handling these cases.

If you've been injured by a defective medical product like the vaginal mesh or bladder sling, please call our office to discuss your options. Time is limited so contact a California vaginal mesh attorney at 800-561-4887.

Over the past few months, our vaginal mesh lawyers have experienced a drastic increase in calls as a result of widespread Bard Avaulta medical device failures. Beginning January 2008, the FDA reported receiving more than 2,874 reports of mesh complications. Some of those who are dealing with failed mesh devices are experiencing serious pain and life-threatening injuries.

From the manufacturers website:

BARD™ Mesh

Since its introduction in 1962, BARD™ Mesh has become the standard against which all other products are compared. BARD™ Mesh was used by Dr. Irving Lichtenstein when he first developed the first "tension-free" hernia repair technique many years ago. Dr. Lichtenstein describes BARD™ Mesh as "far superior to other available synthetic materials."†

Unfortunately, many women are experiencing problems from mesh implants. If you are utilizing the Bard Avaulta Vaginal Mesh, it is in your best interest to consult your physician immediately to assess any damage that may have been caused. Mesh implants are commonly used for vaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence and hernia repair. Mesh within the body can move or shrink. It can harden over time causing complex issues and severe pain.

Below, a woman discusses her issues with a mesh implant that has caused her severe pain and led to a bacterial infection that was potentially life threatening.

The vaginal mesh lawyers at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys have been assisting victims of defective products and defective medical devices since 1978. John Bisnar, managing partner, has helped sustain a 97.5% success rate for all of our clients and teaches seminars to help other law firms create a better client experience as well as run their office in the most efficient manner.

Brian Chase, senior partner, has obtained millions of dollars for his clients in the last year alone. Most notably, in August of 2011 Brian obtained a 24.7 million dollar verdict for a client who suffered injuries as a result of a defective product.

Assisting Vaginal Mesh Victims Nationwide and Throughout Orange County

The following are vaginal meshes that have been linked to serious health complications:

Bard Brand

  • Uretex
  • Pelvisoft
  • Avaulta
  • Pelvicol
  • Align
  • Pelvetex

The defective vaginal mesh and its contribution to serious health complications with the defective Bard Avaulta mesh system are not breaking news; these products have been displaying life-changing and irreversible side-effects for years, and victims from all over the country are still coming forward.

As with most products liability cases, many victims are unaware that they are being negatively affected by the product until it has left them with permanent injuries. Victims are still struggling to comprehend how their health and safety are compromised by reckless manufacturing and the stubborn unwillingness of manufacturers to put the safety of their consumers above their profit margin. It's also concerning that these some of these mesh products make it to market without resistance from the FDA.

Why Transvaginal Mesh Products Are So Dangerous

The transvaginal mesh is an implanted synthetic, surgical mesh device designed to restore normal vaginal structure after a pelvic organ prolapse. Unfortunately, these defective products have been showing signs of deteriorating by erosion, and the hardening and shrinking of mesh materials after they have been implanted in the patient's body. This has led to multiple serious health complications such as:

  1. Surgical mesh infection
  2. Pain
  3. Trouble walking
  4. Breathing difficulties
  5. Dyspareunia
  6. Erosion through vaginal epithelium
  7. Urinary problems
  8. Intense pain, weight loss
  9. Scar tissue
  10. Chronic groin pain
  11. Testicle loss (hernia cases)
  12. Recurrence of prolapsed and/or incontinence
  13. Bowel, bladder, and blood vessel perforation
  14. Pain during intercourse

The Sad After Effects For Some Patients

These complications have led to patients having to undergo multiple additional surgical procedures to remove or repair the mesh as well as blood transfusions, drainage of hematomas, and IV therapy. These additional procedures have resulted in additional scarring, physical and emotional.

Synthetic surgical mesh can cause a lot of complications for patients. Some have reported devastating consequences from the implant of mesh that lead to bleeding, chronic pain, damage to veins in the legs, bladder and other organs.

Some have experienced severe breathing problems which has led to being disabled and filing for bankruptcy. People who've had the implants and then needed correction have endured hours and hours of corrective surgery.

Women's sexual health is a very common issue described by patients. The mesh can go through to sexual organs and rub against nerves causing painful intercourse.

Once a patient is affected by the side effects of a mesh implant, it can literally lead to a complete collapse of their lives. The pain and multiple corrective surgeries, losing their jobs or being placed on disability and not being able to pay their bills. Worse yet, many have had the mesh implanted but subsequently lost their health insurance and cant afford to seek help for corrective surgery.

Whose to Blame; Doctors, FDA?

It's a complicated issue that has lead to many outspoken patients trying to change how the mesh implants are made available to the public. Some have said that they were never given the choice of whether they wanted the mesh placed in their bodies or not because they went in for a simple procedure to correct a problem like a hernia.

You don't typically stop and ask what the doctor will be using because most of us assume that whatever method is used has been approved by the FDA and is safe. Some patients feel awkward questioning their doctor's methods and its hard for them to feel as if they are second guessing a skilled doctor who clearly knows what he is doing.

The public assumes that medical devices and procedures being performed hundreds of times every day are safe. Doctor's all over the United States perform thousands of procedures and most of us don't think we'll be affected by a defective medical product. Or that a product on the market could potentially be so dangerous. The FDA should be conducting ongoing studies of patient complaints related to mesh implants.

If you need legal advice about a mesh implant procedure that has had negative side effects, contact one of our defective medical products lawyer to discuss your options. Call 800-561-4887.

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