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Los Angeles Workplace Harassment Attorneys

los angeles workplace harrassment lawyers at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have suffered from workplace harassment contact the Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys of Bisnar Chase to see if you might be entitled to compensation.

Workplace Harassment and Discrimination is a civil rights violation. If your civil or constitutional rights have been violated by discrimination or harassment at your job, contact Bisnar Chase at 323-238-4683.

Civil rights are the basic rights afforded to all Americans by the Constitution of the United States and to all Californians by the Constitution of the State of California. These rights are not to be breached under any circumstances according to the law. Unfortunately, people have their civil rights violated every day, and one place this happens frequently is in the workplace.

The Constitutions of both the United States and the State of California prohibit discrimination based on:

Race, National Origin, Religion, Gender, and Age.

But these violations are consistently practiced by employers. One of the reasons for this is that people often do not stand up for their rights when they are violated, allowing employers to continue these harmful practices.

Subtle and Light Harassment Is Not Okay

Poor management and teamwork skills is indicated when any type of hostile, unnecessary or aggressive behavior is shown. There is no reason for their to be unwanted situations in the workplace.

Many types of inappropriate and unwanted activities can include:

Aggressive Behavior: Holdings, squeezing, pushing, shoving, inappropriate horseplay.

Sexual Behavior: The workplace is supposed to be a professional environment, where sexual chat, actions or any types of deeply intimate encounters or behaviors is completely unacceptable.

Bribes or Threats: Any form of persuasion or bribery, especially hinting or threatening to do so in order to keep your job, receive a promotion or make upper management pull in your direction is not only a crime, but extremely unprofessional and unacceptable.

Bullying or Harassment: This is not middle school, instead, a professional environment where mature adults conduct business. There is no reason and no tolerance for any form of bullying, taunting, harassing or unkind provoking of any form.


Civil rights violations in the workplace can include discrimination based on arbitrary measures, such as:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Handicap
  • Civil rights violations also include sexual harassment and other forms of job-based harassment, and targeted behavior toward individuals who threaten the company with exposure of these practices.

    California discrimination and harassment attorneys stand up for those who have experienced civil rights violations in the workplace. They work with these victims to obtain the best possible outcome for their cases, which may include monetary damages, reinstatement of job rights, or removal of the person or people responsible for the harassment. No matter what the remedy, civil rights attorneys are able to make the situation better for the injured employee and return the balance of power to its rightful status.

    Workplace Harassment Statistics

    The place you call work shouldn't be a feared place. It should be warm and welcoming, resulting in efficient productivity, team building and professionalism. Workplace harassment consists of:

    • Bullying
    • Yelling
    • Verbal abuse
    • Physical abuse
    • Discriminatory intimidation
    • Unwanted sexual advances or remarks
    • Hate speech

    For more information on workplace hostility, terminology and other aspects of workplace harassment visit American Association of University Women.

    A Los Angeles Workplace Harassment Law Firm That Fights For You

    Civil rights lawyers in California not only help the individual victims of civil rights violations but serve an important function in maintaining the rights of all employees. Harassment or discrimination that is allowed to continue against one employee means that all employees are vulnerable, even if these employees are not directly affected by the harassment or discriminatory practices.

    An employer who is allowed to mistreat one employee has no reason not to try the same thing with others, and eventually other employees will feel the effects of this harassment. Civil rights are based on the idea that there are no exceptions; everyone deserves equal protection under the law, and everyone has the right to a workplace free of violence, harassment, discrimination, and other practices designed to deprive people of their rights.

    Further, workplace discrimination and harassment destroy morale and cause employees to be fearful and angry at work. Your workplace should be an environment in which you feel safe, and if there are discriminatory or harassing practices going on, you cannot possible feel secure in your job. Civil rights attorneys benefit all employees by taking up the case of an individual and restoring safety and security to the workplace environment.

    Protecting Your Constitutional and Statutory Rights

    If you have been the victim of any type of harassment, discrimination, or other treatment at the hands of an employer or fellow employee, it is time to take action. Contact a workplace harassment lawyer today about your case and stand up for what is right for yourself and your fellow employees.

    Let us fight for you. Speak with one of our award-winning Los Angeles civil rights attorneys at 323-238-4683

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