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South Bay Personal Injury Attorneys

south bay personal injury attorneys

The South Bay is one of the many unique regions that make up Southern California. The area gets its name from its geographic location that is southwest of Los Angeles. Some of the many cities that makes this region what it is include: El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Inglewood, Redondo Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Carson and Hawthorne. The area is also home to institutions of higher learning including Cal State Dominguez Hills and Loyola Marymount University as well as LAX, one of the nation's largest and busiest airports.

The South Bay has much to offer residents and visitors alike. However, between the beaches, the streets, and the prevailing aerospace industry, chances are high for a personal injury accident.

No one wishes to be hurt and most people are good about taking proactive measures to defend themselves from these types of accidents occurring to them. Unfortunately, life can hit you and your family when you least expect. In your time of need, you are going to need an experienced legal team around to help you get back on your feet. Our South Bay personal injury attorneys are here to help.

Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys excel in representing injured motor vehicle accident victims and our experienced team can take on any other personal injury case you may have. Our legal team will be there for you when you need help the most. Our past South Bay clients have taken comfort in our 99% success rate and "No Win, No Fee" promise. We put our clients' interests above our own so we can get them fully compensated for their injuries and serve as their legal voice against big corporations and government.

Call us now at 323-238-4683 to schedule your free case evaluation with our legal team.

South Bay Personal Injuries Accidents

Our South Bay personal injury lawyers have helped and represented clients in Los Angeles County and the South Bay collectively for over 35 years. Most of our former clients sought out our services because we are experts in dog bite law. Dog bite accidents occur more often in the South Bay than anywhere else and thanks to California's strict liability statute, getting compensation for your dog bite injuries may be easier than you think. In addition to dog bite cases, we also take the following personal injury cases:

  • Swimming pool accidents: The beaches of South Bay are often populated with visitors from out of town. This is why many residents prefer to spend the day at the pool. Swimming pools can be a great way to beat the SoCal heat, however, pools can be dangerous if safety measures are not enforced. If your loved one drowned or was injured in a swimming pool accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Call us now for more information.
  • Premises liability claims: South Bay is home to many industrial businesses, music venues, night clubs and other businesses that open their doors to the public. Likewise, it is the legal obligation for these properties to keep their premises safe at all times. If someone is hurt or harassed on the property, the property owner may be held liable. Call us now for more information.
  • Defective products: South Bay is home to many companies in the aerospace, oil and automotive industries. Likewise, these companies have the legal obligation to rigorously test their products for safety before putting them on the market. If you have been injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to compensation. Call us today for more information
  • Traffic accidents: The 405 freeway, arguably one of the busiest highways within California and often faces traffic congestion. These conditions put drivers "on edge" which ultimately leads to more car accidents. If you have been injured via a car, truck, bike or motorcycle, call us now. Even if you are a pedestrian, if you have been injured, you may qualify for compensation.
  • Workplace accidents: When the South Bay is combined with Long Beach, this area is the fifth busiest port in the nation. Since demand is so high, workplaces across the South Bay may turn toxic due to stress and demand. In addition, your employer may short change you on your pay and/or benefits to keep profits margins high. Both instances are direct violations of your rights as a worker. You can also be hurt on the job if dangerous conditions are present in the workplace and your injuries may prevent you from earning a steady income for an extended amount of time. If you have been affected by any of the previously mentioned scenarios, remember you have rights and you also may qualify for compensation for your losses. Call us now for more information

During your free consultation, our lawyers will sit down with you to discuss the facts of your incident. We will make you feel right at home while we inform you of your rights and help you take legal action if your case qualifies.

Negligent Security in South Bay

As we mentioned above, South Bay is home to many businesses, institutions and forms of entertainment. There is always something to do and something to see when you are in the area, however, no matter where you go, the owner for the given property you are vising must always ensure a safe and secure environment that guarantees your safety.

Negligent security is defined as a form of premises liability. If an individual is hurt on the property and can prove inadequate or non-existent security personnel and measures contributed to the injury, the individual can hold the owner or tenant legally responsible for the injuries sustained on the property.

To prove negligent security contributed to your injuries, one of the following factors must have been a present variable that contributed to your accident:

  • Security was understaffed and thus could not accommodate the safety needs of those present
  • Cameras and other surveillance devices were not present around the area of the accident during the time of injury
  • Safety protocol and measures were not instated at the time of the accident
  • Security personnel and other responsible employees were not adequately trained prior to the accident.
  • The absence of locks, fences and barriers prior and during the accident contributed to the incident
  • Property owner neglected use of criminal background checks on security personnel prior to the accident

A responsible and law-abiding property owner will ensure none of the factors are present when guests and prospects are on the premises.

Negligent security is a horrifying to think about because it has the potential to occur in many places in the South Bay, including:

  • Schools/Universities
  • Apartments/Dorms
  • Malls/Shopping Centers
  • Beaches
  • Night Clubs/Bars
  • Music Venues

If you believe the property owner's negligence contributed to the injuries you sustained on their property, we urge you to call our South Bay personal injury lawyers now. You may be entitled to compensation and we want to see justice served.

What to Do After an Accident

Your highest priority after a personal injury accident should be to seek immediate medical help for you and your injured party.

Our South Bay personal injury attorneys care about your well-being more than anything else and a trip to the hospital will be able to address the injuries you have sustained as well as to prevent any long-term disabilities from forming.

In addition, when you visit a medical professional, they will document any injuries that you have sustained the day of your accident. You lawyer can later use these records to prove the validity of your injuries to the court and ultimately help your attorney fight for your compensation.

The Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friends

Clever and enticing television ads make many Americans think that insurance companies are working in our best interest. Although we would like to think the trustworthy image of insurance companies that they have painted in our minds is true, the reality is in fact the complete opposite.

Insurance companies put profit margins at a higher priority compared to their loyal customers. These companies care more about having a successful business quarter than being fair and adequately compensating their paying customers. It may be hard to take on the insurance companies, however, it definitely is not impossible. The following tips from our South Bay personal injury lawyers will increase your chances of a better settlement offer from these companies:

  • Keep your mouth shut: Do not post any facts about your case Online. Do not even let your friends know that you are okay or post pictures of the accident scene. Anything posted Online can potentially be used against you by the insurance companies.
  • Take time to prepare: Insurance companies will try to corner you for a statement when you are the least prepared and the most distraught. You are well in your rights to put them off until you have regained your composure and have spoken to your attorney.
  • Opt-out of a recorded statement: You have the right to not have your statement recorded. If you are recorded, the insurance companies could potentially use your statement against you. Make it clear before you issue your statement that you do not want to be recorded and ask for conformation from the adjuster that you are speaking to.
  • Discuss your case details to only your attorney: Only your lawyer should know what happened to you during your accident. Avoid conveying case details with friends, family and co-workers. Additionally, inform your attorney of new facts as your case unfolds.

Always Fight for a Better Settlement Offer

Most victims who are injured want nothing more than to put their ordeal behind them and move on. The insurance companies are well aware of this and will use your anxious emotions against you to put you in a corner so you will accept a low-ball settlement offer. Our South Bay personal injury lawyers urge you not to give in.

Only a trained injury attorney can assess the offer that is on the table and let you know if it adequately covers the costs of your pain, suffering, injuries, recovery and any other miscellaneous costs pertaining to your claim.

If you go through this process alone and accept a low-ball settlement offer, then your claim will end as soon as you sign the agreement. What this ultimately means is that if you find out later down the road that the settlement offer that you were presented did not cover the full cost of recovery, you will be forced to pay the existing remainder out of pocket. Your attorney will no longer be able to help you pursue further compensation for you claim. This is why we cannot stress enough the importance of a skilled personal injury attorney during this time of negotiation after your accident.

Contingency Based Law Firm

Being involved in a personal injury accident can put your life in a tail spin. One moment life is great and the next, you are struggling to pay your bills while not being able to work.

It is an intimidating and difficult time and many of you reading this may think that you cannot afford the top-quality service our South Bay personal injury attorneys offer. We want to take this moment to remind you that anyone in need of legal help can afford our award-winning services thanks to our "No Win, No Fee" promise.

Our promise to you is that we will win your case or you do not pay us at all. If we cannot win your case in court or deliver you a settlement offer that covers the cost of your recover, you do not have to worry about paying us at all. In addition, we front any legal fees pertaining to your case in the beginning so we can get the ball rolling and deliver you justice sooner than later.

It is rare that our South Bay personal injury attorneys ever lose. Our 99% success rate has spoken volume about us in Los Angeles County and the South Bay for the past 39 years. The odds are in your favor that we will win your case in court.

If you want justice to be served, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us now.

Our Lawyers Will Fight for You

Call us now and find out why our past clients in South Bay picked Bisnar Chase personal injury attorneys to represent their claim. Our seasoned team of lawyers will be right by your side through the legal process so you can get back to the life that you lived before your accident. If you do not take our word for it, here what our former clients have to say about our services and our team:

We helped Penny quickly recover from her auto accident. If you call us now, we may be able to do the same for you.

Call 323-238-4683 now for your free case review. Our team is ready to fight for you.

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