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Lancaster Personal Injury Lawyers

Lancaster personal injury lawyers

Our Lancaster personal injury lawyers can help you if you have become a victim of an accident or serious injury. Regardless of the personal injury that you sustained, you can put your faith in the legal team of Bisnar Chase with our 99% success rate and "No Win, No Fee" promise. We have been helping victims recover from their injuries in Los Angeles County, Kern County, San Fernando Valley and Antelope Valley collectively for over 39 years.

If you have been injured, do not hesitate to call us. Call 323-238-4683 now to schedule your free consultation with one of the best law firms serving the Lancaster area.

Bisnar Chase Represents Victims of All Forms of Personal Injury

Many of our former Lancaster clients have sought out our legal services for representation concerning dog bite injuries. Statistically, dog bite accidents are the most common form of injury sustained in both Lancaster and the Antelope Valley. Auto accidents come at a close second for the most injuries sustained in this geographical area. Thanks to California's strict liability statute, our Lancaster personal injury lawyers may be able to make recovering compensation for your injuries easier than you think. In addition, we also represent victims affected by the following types of personal injury:

Aviation accidents: Lancaster is home to a rich history of aviation, both commercial and military. There are various procedures that go into place to ensure safety of everyone traveling as well as those in the airport. Measures are taken to ensure safety, however accidents do still happen. If negligence can be proven in your accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

Traffic accidents: The 14 freeway runs straight through Lancaster. Lancaster is a place many residents call home, however, there are other drivers on the road that use this highway just to pass through. A handful of these motorist can be reckless when driving and thus endanger the safety of those who are also sharing the road. If you were injured by a truck, bus, car or motorcycle, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact our Lancaster car accident lawyer for a Free Evaluation.

Swimming pool accidents: The Southern Californian summers can bring intense heat to the high desert. Additionally, it does not help that the city of Lancaster is far from many of the recreational lakes that surround the city. This is why many local natives prefer to take a trip south to Palmdale and visit Dry Town Water Park or beat the heat in their own backyard in a personal swimming pool. Both options can make for a fun way to spend the afternoon if safety measures are put into action. However, an act of negligence can turn a fun day into a dark afternoon you will never forget. If your loved one drowned in a swimming pool or was injured due to someone's negligence, you may qualify for compensation pertaining to the injuries sustained.

Workplace accidents: Lancaster is a place of opportunity. The thriving aerospace industry has created jobs for the area over the past few decades. Regardless of the industry you are employed in, it is your employer's responsibility to keep the work environment safe and non-toxic at all time. Additionally, it is the legal responsibility of your employer to pay you a fair wage for your labor and address any discrimination within the workplace. If you have been injured on the job, been discriminated against by either an employer or employee, or have not been paid your fair amount of wages, call us today. We may be able to help you obtain compensation that covers your losses.

Negligent Security in Lancaster Businesses

Lancaster may seem like an interesting town in the high desert and there are a handful of local natives that would agree with that statement. Lancaster serves as a pinnacle of commerce in the high desert as well as innovation and progress when it comes to the aerospace industry. If you do pay the city of Lancaster a visit, remember, your safety is the legal responsibility of the business owners within the city.

A form of personal injury that our law office has noticed is on the rise is negligent security. The tensions that currently exist within Southern California have lead people to act in unorthodox ways in public. With that said, more injuries are being reported because security personnel are not addressing the problems and their negligence is contributing to these injuries sustained and/or there are not enough on-duty security personnel to address the people present and this is negligence from the property owner and/or the tenant.

It can be hard to spot cases of negligent security before it is too late, however, our Lancaster personal injury attorneys have comprised this list of things to look out for whenever you pay a business a visit in Lancaster:

  • Lack or absence of lighting in the parking lot as well as other areas of the premises deemed necessary
  • Lack or absence of security cameras and other surveillance equipment
  • Lack of absence of safety protocol and procedure
  • Lack or absence of training for security staff
  • Lack or absence of locks, barriers or fences to keep the premises secure
  • Hiring security personnel without background checks.
  • Not staffing enough on-duty security personnel to accommodate all those who are on the premises

You deserve to always feel safe in Lancaster regardless of the law. If you have been hurt or harassed on the property of a business and their negligence contributed to your injuries, you may be able to take legal action against the property owner. Our attorneys can discuss this and the facts of your accident in detail during your free consultation.

Medical Attention After an Accident Should Be Your Priority

Your life may be flipped upside down after a personal injury accident, however, no matter what accident you find yourself in, it is imperative that you visit a medical professional as soon as you can after your accident.

Our Lancaster personal injury lawyers urge you to seek medical attention because our team cares about your well-being. The best way to ensure your health and to diminish your chances of sustaining any long-term injuries is to see a doctor right after your accident.

When you visit a medical professional, they are required to document any injuries you sustained. This is why it is absolutely crucial you go to the hospital after your accident. You may feel fine or reassure others that you are however, a medical professional will be able to assess any injuries and document them accordingly. Your lawyer can them use these records in court, if you do plan to take legal action, as proof to show that you were in fact injured. If you do not have written proof of your injuries, the at-fault party as well as the insurance companies will try to downplay your injuries like they never happened.

You Versus the Insurance Companies

Insurance companies like to make their customers think that they are good Samaritans via their television advertisements and other forms of marketing. It is only when trouble strikes the customers that we see the true colors of most insurance companies.

Brian Chase discusses why insurance companies play hardball.

The truth of the matter is that the insurance companies keep profit margins above all other things. With that said, these companies will pay you out for the bare minimum of your injuries. At Bisnar Chase, we think you are worth so much more than the bare minimum. This is why our Lancaster personal injury lawyers have comprised this list of tips to help you take on the insurance companies and get the settlement that you deserve.

  • Watch what you say: It is so easy to put crucial information about your case on social media if you are not careful or aware of your actions. Keep all details of your case private. When it comes to social media, do not say anything at all. Anything posted Online can be used against you by the insurance companies, so watch what you say and be careful with your intentions.
  • Give your statement when you're ready: Expect a phone call from an insurance adjuster when you get home from your accident. However, just because the adjuster is calling, this does not mean you have to bend to this person's will and do what they say on command. You are well within your rights to politely put them off until you are ready to talk. If they call, inform them that you need to talk to your attorney first and they will need to wait until that happens. This is all you have to say. Proceed then to contact your attorney and talk to them in person about the facts of your case. They will help you draft up a statement and let you know the best course of action to take.
  • Make it known that you do not want to be recorded: When it is time to give your statement, the adjuster will ask for permission to record what you say for accuracy of the facts. This is a trap and our attorneys urge you to deny this request. Regardless if they ask or not, make it clear before you give your statement that you wish not to be recorded and follow up with conformation from the adjuster. If you let them record you or do not say anything at all, you are giving the adjuster the ability to have the insurance company use your own words against you when you are trying to get compensation to cover your injuries and recovery costs.

Your lawyer knows best: From the moment you are injured till your claim comes to an end, you will feel temptation to convey case details with people close to you. Your friends, family and co-workers may be curious as to what happened to you. You may feel the need to meet their requests, however, we strongly recommend you reconsider. Your friends and family will understand that you have to be confidential until you receive your settlement. You can only trust your attorney to be confidential and only your lawyer can know about your case details. The chances of the insurance company gaining the upper hand in your claim greatly increases when you divulge case details with anyone other than your lawyer

How to Handle the Insurance Companies at the Negotiation Table

Your claim will finally get to a point where the insurance company will finally give you an initial offer. You may be filled with joy because you are being compensated and your case is almost behind you, however, we want to take this moment to remind you that in a majority of cases, the first settlement offer is often false hope. The first offer is 9 times out of 10 a low-ball offer. As we previously stated on this page, the insurance companies want to keep their profit margins high and the only way to do that is to make their loyal customers take the damage in their settlement offers. This is also why you need a lawyer when you go against the insurance companies.

If you go to the negotiation table alone, you will most likely take the first offer given to you. Not many people have the skills and eyes necessary to analyze a settlement offer like our Lancaster personal injury attorneys do. Our lawyers will be able to assess the offer on the table and determine if it adequately covers the cost of your recovery, injuries and any other damages you sustained.

If you take the offer on the table without questioning it, your claim will end as soon as you sign the legal documentation pertaining to your settlement. This means that if you later find out that your settlement offer didn't fully cover the cost of your recovery, you'll be forced to pay the remainder of your recovery costs out of pocket.

You may think hiring a lawyer and taking legal action will take a toll on your wallet, however, the cost is not as expensive as you may think and the benefits are worthwhile.

Contingency Based Law Firm

In addition to the superior results and service we provide our clients, more people in the Antelope Valley choose Bisnar Chase than any other legal team because we are a contingency based law firm.

We commonly refer to this as our "No Win, No Fee" promise which states that we front all legal fees pertaining to your case and you only pay us once we win your case. This also means in the rare case that we lose your case or cannot deliver you an adequate settlement that compensates you, you do not pay us at all.

You have so little to lose and so much to gain when you choose Bisnar Chase Lancaster personal injury lawyers to represent your injury claim.

Top Rated

More people choose Bisnar Chase to represent their case than any other law firm in Southern California thanks to our 99% success rate, our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, our "No Win, No Fee," promise and our overall superior client satisfaction.

We have helped thousands of innocent victims over the past 39 years and we may be able to help you too. Out past clients can speak volumes for us more than we could ever on our own.

If you have been injured, do not wait a minute longer. Call us now at 323-238-4683 for your Free Case Review.

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