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Culver City Personal Injury Lawyer

culver city personal injury lawyers

Over our 39 successful years serving our clients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, the Culver City Personal Injury Attorneys at Bisnar Chase have been guided by our motto "Passion, Trust, Results." This has helped us recover maximum compensation for our clients, resulting in a great reputation in the community, legal system and the courts.

Our clients are treated as members of our team and family. Our highly skilled Personal Injury Lawyers understand how to get the best results possible, ensuring your medical costs are covered and that you are a fully satisfied addition to our success.

With a 99% success rate and our "No Win, No Fee" promise, Bisnar Chase should be your first choice in Personal Injury Lawyers. Call our Culver City Personal Injury Lawyers at 323-238-4683 to schedule your free consultation.

Common Personal Injury Cases

Due to the high population in Los Angeles, there are a large amount of injury related accidents every day. Children, young adults, men, women, and the elderly are subjected to potentially dangerous situations multiple times throughout the day and many times become a victim. Some of these situations consist of:

  • Aviation accidents: East Los Angeles is not too far from LAX, one of the largest commercial airports in the country. If you have been involved in an accident at LAX or have been injured in any other way concerning an airplane, we urge you to call us immediately.
  • Defective product claims: Manufacturers have the legal responsibility to effectively test products for safety and only put the safest items on the market. Many defect cases come from the auto industry since many manufactures prefer to cut corners on consumer safety, however, defective products exists in many other industries as well. If you have purchased a defective product and have been harmed, give us a call.
  • Dog bite claims: California's strict liability statute may protect and entitle you to compensation if you have been injured in a dog bite accident. Call us today to learn more about your rights in these types of cases.
  • Nursing home abuse: When we put our elderly loved ones in nursing homes, we expect nothing but the best care for them, however, due to the high population count of Los Angeles, this may put pressure on nursing homes to meet our expectations. If your loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home, we urge you to call us immediately.
  • Premises liability claims: You deserve to feel safe at all times no matter where you go in Los Angeles. If a property owner fails to live up to that promise or their negligence turns their property into a dangerous environment, you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Traffic accidents: It's no secret that Culver City has not only some of the worst traffic congestion in the state, but it also is arguably one of the most congested areas within the country. This puts massive amounts of stress on drivers and drastically increases the chances of traffic accidents that can possibly affect car drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, bus riders, truck drivers and pedestrians. If you have been affected by the conditions stated above, call a Los Angeles car accident lawyer now.

Call us today if you have become a victim to one of the types of personal injuries stated above or if you have questions about your legal rights. Our Culver City Personal Injury Attorneys will be happy to assess your accident and see if you qualify for compensation. If you have been injured in other types of personal injury accidents not stated above, feel free to still give our lawyers a call. No case is too big or too small for our law firm.

Negligent Security Injuries

Danger lurks in ordinary places when you're least expecting them. Ensuring that the necessary precautions are taken to provide a safe environment is important for business and property owners. Failure in doing so can create a habitat that welcomes crime and violence in a dangerous environment.

Negligent security has the possibility of occurring at the following locations:

  • Bars and Clubs
  • Theme Parks
  • Universities and Dorms
  • Strip Malls
  • Parking Lots
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Stores
  • Restaurants

Companies that invite the public to come within their walls of business for any reason need to guarantee a safe environment for their guests. If a business fails to provide a safe environment and a person or group of people receive an injury, the affected individual could be entitled to a generous compensation.

If a property or business owner hires a security guard or individual in charge to ensure the safety of the premises and does not fully vet the individual or perform a thorough background check, this could possess another great danger to clients, employees, guests and any person who enters the vicinity.

For more information on negligent security accidents or to see if your case qualifies, call our experienced personal injury lawyers now for your free case review.

Why You Need Medical Attention Immediately

Seeking medical attention immediately following your incident is crucial. Not only for the health and safety of your vulnerable situation but for the ability to record and document your injuries legally to help you and your case.

Seeing a medical professional after an accident is important for two reason:

  • First, your well-being takes priority above all else. We at Bisnar Chase want to make sure you are okay before all else.
  • Second, the fact that a medical professional documented your injuries is legal proof that your injuries happened. Your lawyer can use your records in the court of law to help you acquire compensation that will cover the costs of your recovery as well as to compensate you for your injuries.

If you do not seek a medical professional after an accident, the insurance companies will argue that you were in fact not injured, and no matter what they say, if you do not have proof of the injuries that you sustained, then legally they didn't happen and the insurance companies do not have to be held responsible.

At Bisnar Chase, we believe they should pay for every penny pertaining to your recovery, so please seek a medical professional after your accident so we can fight for you.

Why Insurance Companies Must Provide Fair Compensation

The insurance companies will always try to low-ball you after an accident. They may claim they see you as a priority like we do, however, they put profit margins above their loyal customers every time. The following tips will help you receive a fair settlement offer from even the most rigorous insurance company:

  • Know what you are getting yourself into: Insurance companies will pester you for a statement after your accident. They will not consider that you are in a difficult time and trying to recover. All they care about is getting a statement from you when you're off-guard so they can twist your words. If they call, you have every right to refuse them until you have talked to your lawyer and done your research.
  • Know your rights: When you are ready make your statement, make it clear to the insurance adjuster that you do not wish to be recorded. This is your right as a victim. They will attempt to try to talk you out of your decision. Do not fall for this and stand firm in your decision. Your attorney can also inform you of the other rights you have in these types of situations.
  • Always consult with your attorney: Keep your lawyer informed as your case develops and never act without consulting your attorney first. If you make one wrong move, it could ruin your personal injury claim. Your lawyer can easily prevent this and always advise you on the best course of action.
  • Stay off social media: Talking about your case online or other activities can be used against you.

Final Injury Settlements

Consult with your attorney before accepting any financial settlements. Once an offer is accepted, further negotiation is not an option.

Bisnar Chase must warn that if you accept an offer and it is not an amount that will cover medical expenses, lost or damaged property and simply isn't enough money to be considered successful compensation, it is too late.

To learn more and discuss your case with a team of highly successful and knowledgeable lawyers, call 323-238-4683. The call is free and could save you from losing the majority of your compensation.

You Pay When We Win

A huge promise to our clients is our "No Win, No Fee"policy. We front all legal costs pertaining to your case because we know how much you have to deal with at home as you recover from your accident. Winning your case is our law firm's goal, and you don't pay a dime until we do so.

Our Culver City Personal Injury Attorneys aim to make your recovery and legal process as easy and and efficient as possible. This is why many Los Angeles locals choose Bisnar Chase over any other personal injury firm in Southern California.

Highly Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm

If you have become a victim of a personal injury accident in the City of Angels, call us now for your free case review. We see our clients as family and will treat you as such. You have nothing to fear when you choose Bisnar Chase. Our words can only convey so much. Ask our former clients about our service and ethics and we are sure you will feel safe and confident with Bisnar Chase.

We helped Ed get back on his feet when he slipped and fell in a grocery store. We may be able to help you too!

If you have experienced a personal injury, call our highly skilled Culver City Personal Injury Attorneys at 323-238-4683 for your free case review. Get the legal representation you need and deserve today!

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