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Torrance Hit and Run Attorneys

Torrance Hit and Run Accident Attorney

The Torrance Hit and Run Lawyers of Bisnar Chase feel passionate about holding drivers who have left the scene of a devastating accident accountable for their actions. Each year many motorist or pedestrians are left with expensive medical bills, lose a hefty amount of income and extreme emotional trauma.

Since 1978, our dedicated legal team has catered and aided clients in receiving the maximum compensation for their injuries. We aim "to provide superior client representation in a compassionate and professional manner while making our world a safer place."

The Torrance hit and run attorneys of Bisnar Chase have won over $650 Million in recoveries for accident victims and have secured a 99% success rate for four decades.

If you or someone you know has suffered from catastrophic injuries following a hit and run collision, the law firm of Bisnar Chase invites you to schedule a free consultation. We are available to take your call from Monday through Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Call 949-203-3814 and explore your legal options today.

Immediate Actions to Take If You Were Involved in a Hit and Run Accident

Although there are serious legal repercussions for hit and run offenders, these type of accidents still occur daily. Experts have reported that fatal hit and run crashes are on the rise. In one year 1,449 deaths took place due to hit and runs. Despite experiencing severe stress while you are involved in this situation there are still measures that you can take to bring the culprit who struck you to justice.

What to do if you were harmed in a hit and run crash:

A hit and run involves a driver leaving the scene of an accident and leaving the victims to fend for themselves. People who have been injured in a hit and run should try to get as much information as possible from the offender.Torrance Hit and Run Accident Lawyer At the time of the accident try to at least get the type of vehicle and license plate of the car that struck you. You can also rely on witnesses if you were unable to spot any information that could further support your hit and run claim.

If your insurance does not provide you with the coverage you need after a hit and run contact the injury attorneys at Bisnar Chase. We understand that being involved in an accident can be terrifying and we will win you the compensation you deserve. Call 949-203-3814 to obtain top-notch legal representation.

What to do if you were responsible for an accident:

If you were the culprit in a vehicle or cross walk accident the most crucial action to take is not to leave the scene and check how the driver or pedestrian is. The only time in which you may leave the scene of a vehicle incident is when you are seeking immediate medical attention for the victim.

Another key point in mind when you are involved in collision is to pull over to the side of the road so you won't block traffic or be in harms way of incoming traffic.

Charges Faced Following a Torrance Hit & Run Collision

Depending on the amount of pain sustained in the hit and run, the penalties that an offender could face can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. People who are charged with a misdemeanor defined in California criminal law possibly face up to less than a year in prison or are charged a fee of $1,000.

A felony charge is a crime that has far more severe repercussions. A felony can mean that a person faces up to at least four years in prison and the minimum fine of a felony is $10,000.

Other ramifications can include an increased cost of your motor vehicle insurance or a civil lawsuit brought against the perpetrator.

The Value of Your Accident Case

It is difficult to determine the amount of compensation you would receive for your claim without a Torrance hit and run attorney. The compensation you will earn will also depend on the medical expenses you will obtain currently and in the future from your injuries.

The first step in acquiring damages is a demand letter being drafted on your behalf. If the insurance company of the opposite party does not agree to pay the amount that is being requested, then a suit can be pursued.

Common Injuries From Hit and Run Incidents

There are various injuries that one could obtain in a hit and run accident. Not only can a person suffer from physical pain but people can also experience emotional trauma. It is essential that you pay attention to the symptoms your are enduring in order to seek medical attention immediately.

Below are the most common kinds of injuries most people suffer from in a car accident:

Brain Damage: Types of brain injuries such as concussions may seem minor, but later on in life may have a determintal effect for a hit and run victim. One of the most subtle symptoms of a brain injury can be short-term memory loss. Other long-term effects of having a brain injury is an accident victim experiencing suicidal thoughts, seizures or even metabolic issues.

Spinal cord damage: There are two types of spinal cord injuries which are categorized by as a complete and incomplete injury. Complete spinal cord injuries involve an individual being partially or entirely paralyzed. Incomplete spinal cord injuries are when a victim still has the ability to move and obtain sensation in their body, but there is still severe pain where the injury took place. The pain can be permanent and can possibly disable a person.

Bone fractures: During a car crash the impact that the body faces is traumatic. Common bones that are broken in a collision are ribs, the spine and the pelvis. Treatment includes pain medications, physical therapy or for more serious injuries, surgery.

Hit and run lawyers in Torrence

Hit and Run Torrance Statistics

The California Highway Patrol has reported that in one year, over 889 people have been severely injured or killed in a hit and run. The main causes of accidents in the city of Torrance involve alcohol. A vehicle involved in a hit and run crash means that a driver can face a critical amount of jail time for causing harm and at times killing an individual.

To kill a person in a hit and run means that a perpetrator can possibly serve a lifetime in jail for vehicular manslaughter.

Bisnar Chase Top-Notch Legal Representation

The California hit-and-run penalty attorneys of Bisnar Chase represent victims of auto collisions, hit-and-run accidents and many other personal injuries. Since 1978, Bisnar Chase has recovered millions of dollars for personal injury victims including victims of hit-and-run accidents.

For more information, or for a free consultation, please call 949-203-3814.

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