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Stockton Personal Injury Lawyers

Stockton personal injury attorneys of Bisnar Chase offer a free case review. If we take your case you will not be charged unless the case is won. If we don't win, you don't pay. Let our professional personal injury team help you get the compensation you deserve.

City of Stockton

Population: 298118

Most Dangerous Intersection in Stockton:
N Pershing Ave & W March Ln

Last 5 Years: 93 Accidents | 91 Injuries | 0 Deaths

Avg Annual Auto Injuries per 1,000:


Stockton Crime Index*

Nearby Cities:


Napa: 187.9

Yountville: 130.5

Cotati: 205.2

Windsor: 157.1

N Pershing Ave & W March Ln intersection - street view image

More Unsafe Intersections**





* Crime index data taken from The national average is 315.5. The crime index is calculated using the population and severity of crimes vs the frequency of crimes committed.

**All intersection data is taken from the California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System and is measured over the last 5 years of local and arterial street car accidents (non-highway). The data is not updated in real time.

Stockton Lawyers

The Stockton personal injury lawyers at Bisnar Chase have been helping seriously inured victims since 1978. We have helped those victims recover more than 650 million dollars in settlements.

Our personal injury attorneys handle a wide range of cases, but most notably car accidents, product liability, dog bites, wrongful death, and slip and fall or premises liability cases.

Stockton Personal Injury Cases

The most common types of personal injury cases we see in Stockton besides car accidents are water related. With boating being a favorite activity, Stockton's waterways see many drownings and personal injuries due to boat accidents each year.

Stockton boating safety officials urge people who take to the water to follow these safety precautions: be aware of weather; bring a portable radio, flashlight, and first aid kit; tell someone where you are going and how long you will be away; check your boat, equipment, boat balance, engine and fuel supply before setting off; know how to swim; wear a life jacket; and do not consume alcohol while on the water.

Further Water Dangers Include Pollution

Aside from recreational accidents, Stockton's waterways have been plagued by dangerous levels of pollution. In December of 2009, federal regulators and the Port of Stockton decided to reduce the level of polluted storm water that dumps into the Stockton Deep Water Channel since the EPA found deficiencies in the port nearly two years prior.

The agreement to ameliorate the pollution situation comes better late than never as Stockton streets and roads were not properly swept, increasing the chance that dangerous substances would flow into the Delta during the rainy season. This is a costly health hazard, costing about $200,000 to improve through monitoring and testing.

Other findings of the inspection include fertilizer residue in storm drains, soil from construction sites washing away, and tenants producing a large amount of storm water runoff. Since residents go in the water, it is imperative that the water be kept clean. Water pollution contaminants can have serious health effects like the spreading of typhoid and waterborne intestinal parasites such as amoebiases, giardiases, ascariasis, and hookworm.

Stockton Personal Injury Lawyers Understand

What separates Bisnar Chase from other Stockton accident injury attorneys?

Empathy and compassion. Our attorneys have had personal experiences with injury related accidents whether it was our own or that of someone close to us. This is what drives our passion to help others. We understand what you are going through. Also while there are many personal injury and accident lawyers claiming to have your best interests at heart, it is helpful to keep in mind that the best law firms will always offer a free consultation on your case.

Our No Win, No Fee Guarantee

Because Bisnar Chase understands your situation and knows about pain and suffering, we offer a no win, no fee guarantee. We take care of the costs up front for you. If we do not win your case you do not pay. There is another side to this. We need to know that our prospective clients are being honest with us about the facts of their claim. We will not take on a case if there is any deception involved. That said, if we take on your case we will fight to the end to get you what you are entitled to.

If you or someone you know has sustained personal injuries or sickness from a boating accident, or have been subject to water contaminants, or any other type of accident injury, a knowledgeable Stockton personal injury attorney from Bisnar Chase can help you clean up your case.

If you are the victim of a personal injury, you owe it to yourself to get a Free Case Consultation from a skilled and experienced Stockton personal injury lawyer. Call one of our experts now and we will schedule a consultation the same day or by the next business day at the latest.

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