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San Juan Capistrano Car Accident Attorney

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A number of traffic collision attorneys have indicated that car crashes often occur in ocean-close communities. The San Juan Capistrano Car Accident Lawyers at Bisnar Chase offer a free no-obligation consultation for your motor vehicle wreck. We advance all case costs. If your case does not win, you don't pay.

We are committed to excellence in client care and have been serving Orange County residents for over four decades.

When you call 949-203-3814 today you will have the opportunity to have your case evaluated by a top-notch legal expert.

What To Do After a Car Accident

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that every 16 minutes a person loses their life in a car accident. Injury victims may experience serious physical harm and may need to seek counseling services for emotional distress as well. After a collision, injury victims should take measures to lessen the financial, physical and emotional blows from their accident.

Steps to take after a traffic collision include:

  • Pullover to a safe area: If your accident took place at an intersection or a busy highway, if you do not retreat to a safe area, you can be jeopardizing your life and the life of others. At times there are situations where both people are immobile due to the state of their injuries or multiple cars are completely totaled. People who are involved in catastrophic accidents need to wait until a police officer or ambulance arrives on the scene to assess the situation.
  • Exchange information: After you have moved to a safe area, exchange information with the driver. The information you should collect from a driver should be their name, home address, main contact number, drivers license and the policy number assigned to them from their insurance company. It is also important for accident victims to take pictures or gather witness accounts to provide to an insurance company later on.
  • File a car accident report: When you have collected all the information you need from the motorist, contact your insurance company immediately. The insurance agent will file what is known as an SR-1. An SR-1 is a traffic accident report that notifies the DMV that you have been involved in a collision. The report must be filed 30 days after the collision took place and if the SR-1 has not been completed within that time frame you can face having your license suspended.
  • Understand the amount of compensation that the insurance company is offering you: Once you have received an offer from the insurance company, you will need to evaluate if the offer is enough to cover your losses. If you have come to the conclusion that the offer amount will not cover the damages then the next step would be to write and turn in a demand letter. A demand letter is usually written by a legal expert and if it is rejected you have the right to file a lawsuit.
  • Speak to a local injury attorney: Going up a huge insurance company can be intimidating. The San Juan Capistrano car accident lawyers of Bisnar Chase have taken on the toughest insurance companies and have a team of expert investigators to examine every aspect of your case. We also strive to provide you with the best client-attorney relationship so you feel comfortable reaching out to us with any questions and concerns. Call us today at 949-203-3814 for a free case analysis.

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How Negligence Can Be Proven

If multiple vehicles experienced damages and personal injuries then it can be difficult to determine negligence. Your car accident attorney in San Juan Capistrano will use their knowledge and expertise to determine who was at fault or negligent for the incident. There are three factors involved when attempting to prove negligence. Those factors include a duty of care, breach of duty and causation. Duty of care is proving that the defendant owed a legal obligation to the plaintiff and failure to do so was the "breach of duty".

Causation is associated with the plaintiff proving to the courts that their injuries are a result of someone else's carelessness. Causation can both be simple and complicated to distinguish. An example of the defendant being clearly at fault can be if the motorist was driving under the influence and killed a driver. Causation that is difficult to prove can be if a person with health complications was part of the collision.

Qualities to Look For in a San Juan Capistrano Injury Lawyer

Seeking the right legal representation for your car accident claim can be daunting. You want to find a lawyer you can trust your personal information with and also feel at ease with so you may raise questions or concerns. Who you hire for your case will either change your life for the better or worsen your financial situation.

Qualities to take into consideration when seeking help from a motor vehicle collision attorney include:

  • Personable client service: When you walk into a law office you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with who is handling your car accident case. This is a delicate matter and the relationship you will form with your attorney is important. At the law firm of Bisnar Chase, our mission statement is "To provide superior client representation in a compassionate and professional manner while making our world a safer place."
  • Experience: Many personal injury lawyers claim to have decades of experience and while this may be true they might not have decades of experience representing injury victims in a trial setting. Litigation lawyers deal with research and try to stay out of the courtroom by handling cases in mediation. Trial lawyers have many years of experience speaking to a jury and judge to win their case. The trial lawyer personally handles a car accident victims' case and cross-examines any witnesses to the plaintiff's injuries.
  • Communication: The number one complaint that injury victims had in the legal process is that "I was never informed about the status of my case". Our Orange County auto accident lawyers keep you updated on what is taking place in your case throughout the whole way. If you have any questions, our legal experts are here to take your call. Start fighting for the compensation you deserve and contact our law offices today.

San Juan Capistrano Car Accidents

"Knowledgeable San Juan Capistrano car crash lawyers know that, as recently as 2006, two people died and 125 were injured in San Juan Capistrano car collisions," John Bisnar comments of San Juan Capistrano car accident statistics. "They know that pedestrian vs. car crashes killed two and injured four; that bicycle vs. car accidents injured bloody woman in car accidentfive, motorcycle collisions injured six, and drunk drivers were responsible for one death and 21 injuries."

One accident involved a San Juan Capistrano man being killed in a hit and run. Authorities stated, "A 23-year-old man riding a skateboard was struck and killed in San Juan Capistrano by a hit-and-run motorist driving a faded black pickup truck." The19-year-old driver, Andrew Christopher Michaels was later booked on a hit-and-run felony.

Car Collisions in San Juan Capistrano Linked to Traffic Issues

With a renewed effort to reduce the number of car collisions in San Juan Capistrano, the city noted a number of issues. Traffic backing up at the Camino Capistrano exit of the southbound I-5 freeway was creating a dangerous road condition. The City also looked into adding an extension of San Juan Creek Road to La Pata to reduce traffic on Ortega Highway. City commissioners had reservations about the extension adding excessive traffic to the existing quiet street and its impact on the safety of Ambuehl Elementary School children. Lastly, an extension of Las Ramblas to La Pata was also considered to help reduce traffic on Ortega Highway.

Another effort to reduce car collisions in San Juan Capistrano was the implementation of photo enforced signal lights at accident prone locations. Cameras were set up at Camino Capistrano and I-5 South Exit off ramp, Camino Del Avion and Del Obispo, and Del Obispo and Ortega Highway.

Roving DUI Patrols to Reduce San Juan Capistrano Car Accidents

Dovetailing these efforts to further cut down on San Juan Capistrano's car collision rate are DUI and Driver's License Checkpoints. The checkpoints helped identify and/or remove impaired drivers from San Juan Capistrano streets. Roving DUI patrols and checkpoints also help educate the public on the dangers of drunk driving, and to encourage the use of sober designated drivers for those who have had "one too many."

Gavel on attorneys desk

Our San Juan Capistrano Attorneys Will Protect Your Legal Rights

San Juan Capistrano Car Accident Lawyers have repeatedly acknowledged that a city's proactive steps to remove impaired drivers from Orange County streets can save many lives and prevent needless injuries. They will tell you that a number of their clients have suffered great pain due to negligent or irresponsible motorists who got the behind wheel while they were drunk.

Immediately call an experienced and reputable San Juan Capistrano Car Accident Lawyers for a free consultation at 949-203-3814.

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