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San Juan Capistrano Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Statistics

A skilled San Juan Capistrano accident lawyer appreciates the value of traffic conditions and accident statistics when evaluating a car collision case for an injured client. Smart lawyers are fully aware that San Juan Capistrano, California has a special set of traffic problems that contribute to its car crashes.

San Juan Capistrano's Car Accident Statistics Are Alarming

"Knowledgeable San Juan Capistrano car crash lawyers know that, as recently as 2006, two people died and 125 were injured in San Juan Capistrano car collisions," notes John Bisnar. "They know that pedestrian vs. car crashes killed two and injured four; that bicycle vs. car accidents injured five, motorcycle collisions injured six, and drunk drivers were responsible for one death and 21 injuries."

San Juan Capistrano's Traffic Problems Cover the City

The best San Juan Capistrano car accident lawyers are also keenly aware of San Juan Capistrano's many road dangers and traffic problems. They know, for example, that the extremely heavy traffic on Ortega Highway -- particularly where Ortega Highway intersects with I-5 -- has become a serious choke point, creating substantial delays, congestion and the potential for car collisions. They also know that backed up traffic at the Camino Capistrano exit of the southbound I-5 freeway often creates a dangerous condition for both drivers and pedestrians. And most knowledgeable San Juan Capistrano car crash lawyers realize that congested traffic in and around Mission San Juan competes with bicyclists and endless pedestrian tourists, creating more potential for accidents. Lastly, most every San Juan car accident lawyer knows about the young bicyclist who lost his leg as he tried to cross San Juan Creek Road and Paseo Christina -- the heavily overgrown vegetation in the median of the intersection was the subject of a lawsuit that cost the city millions of dollars.

A Skilled Car Accident Lawyer Can Assist You

If you become injured as the result of a no fault car crash, you should consult an experienced car collision lawyer who is familiar with the city, its traffic conditions and car accident profile. A trustworthy personal injury lawyer can advise you of your many rights as an accident victim. The best car accident lawyers offer free, no obligation consultations to accident victims. Please call our San Juan Capistrano car accident lawyers at 949-203-3814.

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