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Sacramento Car Accident Lawyers

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Sacramento A Dangerous Area

Residents believe Sacramento's dubious distinction is well deserved. Besides careless youth and drunken drivers, they blame the high accident rates on the city's troublesome roads and intersections.

California Highway Patrol officials have tried to cut down auto accident rates in major accident-prone zones like Watt Avenue, It's easily the most auto accident-prone site in Sacramento ,with at least 7,800 crashes in the past decade. CHP and traffic enforcement officers have tried everything from widening the roads to changes in traffic flow with little success. Watt Avenue stubbornly remains one of the most dangerous roads in the state. Road widening efforts have encountered stiff resistance from city residents who fear their street could become another busy Los Angeles freeway.

Efforts to Reduce Auto Accidents

Efforts are underway to reduce traffic levels and make Watt Avenue friendlier to pedestrians and bicyclists. This is a street where the posted speed limit is 40 mph, yet motorists routinely zip along at a heady 55 mph. Accommodating the heavy traffic from neighboring Elk Grove and Roseville presents an added challenge. Still another factor contributing to Watt Avenue's congestion is heavy truck traffic. Add to this the large number of shopping mall driveways with cars going in and out and you have an accident waiting to happen.

Another accident-prone site is Highway 99. Nicknamed Blood Alley, the CHP says that Highway 99 is a perfectly good road, and that it's the drivers who make it dangerous. Although some would argue that H99's lack of traffic lights, varying roadway widths, sweeping curves, frequent left-turn lanes and cross streets have contributed to Blood Alley's reputation. Drivers who frequent this highway have seen the impatient motorists who won't hesitate to sneak right up to the bumper of a car they feel is going too slow, then try to pass it using the oncoming traffic lane. A report published by AAA found that Sacramento drivers think Highway 99 has some of the "meanest and most aggressive drivers" in the North State. It's no wonder changes are in the works to make parts of this highway safer.

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