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Monterey County Personal Injury Attorneys

Monterey County has almost a half a million residents. With many points of interest and winding roads, Monterey has seen its share of personal injuries. Monterey, Carmel, Salinas and Big Sur are popular destinations and every year there are hundreds of slip and falls, car accidents and other injuries that require the expertise of local personal injury lawyers.

Bisnar Chase has been representing Californians for over thirty five years with verdicts and settlements in the hundreds of millions. If you are looking for an experienced personal injury attorney please call 800-561-4887 for a free consultation.

Types of Personal Injuries We Represent

  • Slip and fall
  • Car accident
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Serious dog bites
  • Defective products
  • Premises liability

A free consultation with a Monterey County personal injury attorney will give you the information you need about your chances of collecting damages for your accident.  An experienced attorney will never give you false hope about your claim, nor will he or she give you an inflated value as a target settlement.  If you do not have a case, an accident lawyer will tell you so.  On the other hand, if your case has merit, a good lawyer can help you recover damages to pay for your injuries and to make sure you are fairly represented.

When To Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

With most personal injury cases you have to have damages. If a person claims to have bought a product that could have been harmful, but was not, then it's very hard to argue damages for that. However, if you were in a car accident, even if the other party had no insurance, you may be entitled to recovery if you were injured. The type of injuries and length of treatment will have a lot to do with the compensation you receive.

A good attorney will have years of trial experience and a lot of success in the courtroom. The last thing you'll want is for your attorney to hand off your case to another law firm if it has to go to trial. You should consult a personal injury attorney if you have sustained even minor to moderate injuries; the attorney will have the expertise to tell you if you have a case and whether to begin seeking long term treatment.

Reputation and Results

Bisnar Chase has made a name for itself for being tough injury attorneys. The insurance companies and defense lawyers know that going up against Bisnar Chase will be a fight. We've spent decades dealing with the insurance companies and local courts and we know how to win.

Our success rate is above 96% and we've recovered over $300M for our clients. Over 10,000 clients have put their trust in us and client satisfaction is very important to us. We want your experience to be a stress free one and to help take the load of the accident off your mind. We truly understand how accidents and injuries affect your life and will work very hard to make the process easier on you.

Find out if you have a case. Call today to speak with a Monterey County personal injury attorney for a free consultation.

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Client Reviews of Bisnar Chase

“My grandson and I were involved in a roll-over accident in which he broke his ankle, and I broke my neck. Unfortunately it was caused by a hit and run driver who got away. One call to Bisnar/Chase and they came right away. Of course, my case took about 3 years to settle, but Bisnar/Chase was there to inform me every step of the way as to what was going on. They answer calls and emails right away, and I was never left wondering what was going on. The whole staff is caring and friendly and everyone there treated us like family. Not to mention the fact that they never seemed to forget you, by sending birthday cards with BaskinRobbin gift cards and on New Years they always sent the fancy fortune cookies! I always thought that was very thoughtful and caring of them. I had nothing but a positive experience with them and I would recommend Bisnar/Chase to all of my friends and family or to anyone who is in need of legal help.”

reviewed at on January 8th, 2015


“INTEGRITY, CONFIDENCE AND THOROUGHNESS-THIS FIRM IS AMAZING! when my German Shepherd was falsely accused of biting a child, I thought, who better than the best personal injury attorney out there to ask for advise? Researched best attorneys in OC for dog bites, and was directed to the law firm of Bisnar and Chase. To say I was astounded at the depth of the response I received to my online enquiry is an understatement.
Upfront they said they weren't defense attorneys, but (after winning numerous severe dog bite cases over the years) they took the time to line item their opinion of how events would unfold (putting my mind at ease). In this day and age, the fact they took the time out of their busy day to respond so thoroughly to a cry for help ( inwhich they had absolutely nothing to gain), speaks volumns about the integrity of this firm. I wouldn't hesitate to use them, or refer them.”

reviewed at on May 11th, 2012


“While my wrongful death case is still being decided I really love how this firm cares for the people they represent I feel so much better after talking with Doug on a monthly basis he reassures me things will be okay. Looking for to ending this real soon but I am very thankful to Bisnar and Chase for all they do!”

reviewed at

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The BISNAR CHASE Difference

  • “I was in a serious auto accident when I was in law school. I had to hire a personal injury attorney and had a really bad experience.”

    John Bisnar

    on what made him want to become a personal injury attorney

  • “If you hire Bisnar | Chase and we don't recover money for you in your case, you owe us absolutely nothing.”

    Brian Chase

    on whether or not you would owe money if your case was lost

  • “Whatever the philosphy of the management is, is going to be carried through by the employees and it’s going to reflect on the experience the clients have.”

    John Bisnar

    on his philosophy on running a law firm

  • “The insurance companies are going to be investigating that accident the day it happens. You need to have a lawyer on your side the day it happens as well.”

    Brian Chase

    on when you should contact an attorney

  • “The first thing we want to do with our clients is to relieve the stress. Make them feel comfortable. Treat them as an honored guest.”

    John Bisnar

    on how he would define superior client representation

  • “It's hard to answer that question right up front without a thorough analysis. What I can guarantee you is, with the resources of Bisnar | Chase we will maximize the value of your case.”

    Brian Chase

    on what your case is worth