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Lakewood Personal Injury Attorneys

Lakewood, California, has an interesting history and has been called the typical post-war suburb.  Located close to Los Angeles, Lakewood sprang up almost overnight as the result of the explosion of suburban building in the 1950s.  Between 1950 and 1960, Lakewood jumped from a population of just a few hundred to thousands; today, the city is home to 81,000 people.  With all this rapid population growth, it is not surprising that this city's residents are victims of many personal injury cases, from car accidents to dog bites and premises liability cases.

if you've been injured due to someone else's negligence, contact Bisnar Chase to see if you have a case. We'll help you through every step of the way so you don't have to worry about a thing!

City of Lakewood

Population: 81,121

Most Dangerous Intersection in Lakewood:
Del Amo Blvd & Paramount Blvd

Last 5 Years: 95 Accidents | 46 Injuries | 0 Deaths

Avg Annual Auto Injuries per 1,000:


Lakewood Crime Index*

Nearby Cities:


Artesia: 235.5

Bellflower: 249.8

Hawaiian Gardens: 198.4

Cerritos: 232.5

Del Amo Blvd & Paramount Blvd intersection - street view image

More Unsafe Intersections**





* Crime index data taken from The national average is 315.5. The crime index is calculated using the population and severity of crimes vs the frequency of crimes committed.

**All intersection data is taken from the California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System and is measured over the last 5 years of local and arterial street car accidents (non-highway). The data is not updated in real time.

Lakewood Lawyers

A Fair Result for All Our Clients

At Bisnar Chase, we believe that personal injury victims should receive fair compensation when they’re injured because of an individual’s or a company’s negligence. This should be true whether you’ve been injured in Lakewood or anywhere else in California. After being injured and before speaking to an insurance company, it is best to make sure you consult a personal injury attorney in an attempt to best understand your options.

Getting Answers

Although Lakewood’s crime index falls under the national average of 294.7 and car accident injury rate falls under the state average, injuries definitely still occur on an everyday basis here, and it can be beneficial for a victim to understand how the value of their case might be calculated by insurance companies and by lawyers. Bisnar Chase has written a guide to understanding the factors that determine your personal injury case value, which is a good place to start if you want to know if you have a case. Ultimately though, your questions will have to be answered in a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

Experience With Lakewood Injuries

Bisnar Chase has represented cases in Lakewood and all throughout California. We don’t just specialize in car accidents, but also represent clients who have been bitten by dogs, those who have been injured because of an auto or product defect, employees who haven’t been paid or given break time mandated by state law, and patients who have been injured by medical products. We’re on your side, and we want to help you fight your battle against the insurance companies! If you want to know if you have a case with us, just call us at (323) 238-4683, or fill out our contact form above!

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