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Fremont Personal Injury Attorneys

The City of Fremont has grown by about 10% in the last decade, and in that time housing prices have almost doubled, and crime rates have dropped. A higher population density, however, means that there are more cars on the road, and more dangerous situations that can result in an accident. Bisnar Chase represents clients who have been injured in an accident or under other circumstances when the guilty party was negligent, such as dog bites and premises liability cases. We've helped many clients in Northern California with their personal injury cases and Fremont is no stranger to us. Call us to learn more about our firm and to see if you have a case with us!

City of Fremont

Population: 224,922

Most Dangerous Intersection in Fremont:
Mowry Ave & Fremont Blvd

Last 5 Years: 58 Accidents | 53 Injuries | 0 Deaths

Avg Annual Auto Injuries per 1,000:


Fremont Crime Index*

Nearby Cities:


Newark: 218.6

Union City: 220.5

Hayward: 322.8

Milpitas: 191.4

Mowry Ave & Fremont Blvd intersection - street view image

More Unsafe Intersections**





* Crime index data taken from The national average is 315.5. The crime index is calculated using the population and severity of crimes vs the frequency of crimes committed.

**All intersection data is taken from the California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System and is measured over the last 5 years of local and arterial street car accidents (non-highway). The data is not updated in real time.

Fremont Lawyers

Fremont, California is located in the Bay Area just outside of San Francisco. The city's 213,000 people reside in the largest suburb of the east bay. Though suburban streets are thought to be slow and safe compared to big-city streets, Fremont residents must be aware of the numerous personal injury accidents that happen everyday.

Like much of the rest of California, Fremont has seen its fair share of drunk driving car accidents and hit-and-runs. In 2005, a driver under the influence of alcohol hit a Fremont police officer. The officer sustained minor injuries and the driver was arrested.

A couple years later a more tragic accident occurred in Fremont where a 22-year-old student was pulled over on the shoulder of southbound Interstate 880 just past Mission Boulevard. His car had broken down and he was calling for help, when a driver in a Lexus came speeding toward the exit ramp and broadsided the student in his Toyota. The impact caused both cars to slide about 100 yards, the Lexus landing on top of the Toyota.

It took Fremont firefighters 45 minutes to retrieve the victim's body from the wreckage. The Lexus driver had fled the scene in the mean time. Any hit-and-run attorney will stress the importance of being a reliable driver, obeying the speed limits and DUI laws, and being responsible toward your fellow drivers, especially if an accident has occurred.

Another string of hit-and-run accidents happened in the bay area in 2006, leaving the Fremont and San Francisco communities concerned about the risk of hit-and-run car accidents on their streets. Around 14 people were injured by a motorist who was seen deliberately running people down in San Francisco. Police linked these accidents to the one that had occurred around noon in Fremont and left a 54-year-old man dead.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a police spokesman said the attacks in the city occurred at 12 locations over the duration of a 20-minute period. Witnesses recalled the driver as "zombie-like", as if he had no fear about the consequences in store for the acts he had committed.

Fremont Police Tasers Don't Just Stun

Fremont personal injury lawyers were concerned to hear about the two instances of police officer's Tasers killing those they were used against. The first incident took place in San Jose, California, and the second in Fremont. Apparently similar stories had popped up in Santa Rosa, Pacifica, Vallejo and Salinas.

After attempting to escape from Fremont police by scaling a wall near a motel, the pursued man was shot numerous times with a Taser gun. The suspect received between seven and nine shots from the Taser, was held by the police, and taken to the hospital. Twenty to 25 minutes later he fell unconscious and died. Taser guns are used by police to deliver a 50,000-volt jolt to stop a person with brief incapacitation. Taser guns are used instead of real firearms when the intent is not to kill the suspect.

It is possible that the suspect was under the influence of drugs at the time, raising concern as to the effect of Taser guns on those with drugs in their systems. Considering the ubiquity of Taser death cases, totaling 140 across the nation, the event is of further concern to civil rights attorneys and Fremont product liability lawyers. It seems the Taser should not be used if it fails to function properly or is used improperly. If the Taser gun is not meant to kill someone, there should be no margin of error.

Fremont Personal Injury Law Firms are Watching Out for You

If you have been injured in a car accident, hit-and-run accident, drunk-driving accident, or any other kind of personal injury accident, you owe it to yourself to seek help from a good Fremont personal injury lawyer.

If you are the victim of a personal injury, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of the book, "The Seven Fatal Mistakes That Can Wreck Your California Personal Injury Claim". If you need help immediately, call one of our expert personal injury lawyers now at 949-203-3814 and we will schedule a consultation the same day or by the next business day at the latest.

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