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Laguna Niguel Personal Injury Lawyer

Few areas offer the beauty and serenity of Laguna Niguel. Locals love where they live and tourists like stopping by, but personal injuries run rampant leaving many with life-threatening and permanent injuries. Hiring a Laguna Niguel personal injury lawyer who has a history of success and superior local knowledge may make your case much more profitable. Our attorneys have been assisting Laguna Niguel locals for over 39 years and have done so with honesty and professionalism. Call us today to hear from attorneys with all the experience and success you need to receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

A master planned community, Laguna Niguel has been steadily growing in population since the 5 freeway was developed in 1959. 61,891 people live in Laguna Niguel in a wide variety of housing which includes condominiums and large mansions. Aliso/Wood Canyons Regional Park, Badlands Park, and Laguna Niguel Regional Park provide plenty of space for Laguna Niguel residents to enjoy recreational activities and the city's beautiful weather.

Auto Accidents Cause Most Personal Injuries

Few people have bad things to say about Laguna Niguel; the sun, surf, and scenery is gorgeous and leaves tourists wanting more. Unfortunately, the streets of Laguna Niguel are not the safest in Orange County and have been host to a number of serious personal injury accidents. Our personal injury attorneys in Laguna Niguel have represented several car accident victims and have found many areas to be less than ideal for promoting intersections safety.

According to the 2009 California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), 1 person was killed and 111 were injured in Laguna Niguel car accidents. Of those injured, 20 were alcohol related, 7 were pedestrians, 10 were on bicycles, and 3 were due to motorcycle collisions. These statistics are not horrific, but the number of accidents in Laguna Niguel is above average for its population. At Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys we try to recognize auto accident trends to help identify areas that pose significant threats and do our part to help prevent future collisions.

Doing Our Part to Protect Locals

Obtaining maximum compensation for our client's injuries is a priority, but it is not our only goal. In the past year alone, we have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, including a 24.7 million dollar record-breaking verdict in August of 2011. Getting our clients the recoveries that they deserve is one step in our plan to help make Orange County cities a safer place for citizens. Whether you were injured by a car, defective product, poisoned food, vicious dog, or anything else, we feel that our lawsuits holding your wrongdoer accountable helps prevent future mishaps.

When we sue fortune 500 companies for creating defective products, we feel that those defective product lawsuits make negligent manufacturers take extra care in producing future products. We want auto manufacturers and product manufacturers to think of us the next time that they are creating their products. We want them to spend the extra time creating safe products, and we feel that our 30 years holding wrongdoers accountable has helped promote safety.

Surf and Sand May Pose Dangers

Enjoying the surf and sand in Laguna Niguel can be a dangerous business. The waves are not as safe as they seem and the sand can contain foreign objects that can permanently injure unsuspecting beach dwellers. Owners who let their dogs run wild on the beach may also inadvertently cause a serious dog bite, and leave you or a family member with large medical bills and years of trauma. No matter what personal injury you have suffered, our attorneys will be able to assist you.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Laguna Niguel

Too often, victims of personal injuries hire Laguna Niguel accident attorneys who do not have the experience and legal knowledge to obtain maximum compensation. These clients then seek us to repair their case and obtain a favorable outcome, but there are times when the damage cannot be undone. Call a Laguna Niguel personal injury lawyer today to find out what your options are and get your case started on the right track.

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