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Laguna Niguel Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

The statistics on all pedestrian accident deaths and injuries are frightening, but the numbers regarding child victims of pedestrian accidents are especially disturbing.  Laguna Niguel pedestrian accident lawyers represent both adults and children who are the victims of pedestrian accidents.

Children represent about ten percent of all pedestrian accident deaths and injuries; however, the children who are hurt or killed in pedestrian accidents tend to fall into very specific groups.

Child pedestrian deaths are far more common in the late afternoon, according to Safe Kids.  Almost half of all child pedestrian deaths take place between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m., the hours after school lets out but before children are called in for the evening.  During these times, children are far more likely to be playing on the streets, so the sheer number of potential victims goes up.  This also coincides with the time that many people are returning home from work, so there is a higher number of people in a hurry to get home and perhaps not paying close attention to children playing in or around the streets.

Children who are hit or killed in pedestrian accidents also tend to come from low-income and densely-populated areas.  This may be because children in these neighborhoods have fewer parks and recreation areas at their disposal and tend to play more often close to their homes but outside their houses or apartment buildings.  Many single-parent or lower-income families have parents who work late hours and they may not be at home to supervise children as often as those parents who can afford to allow one parent to stay at home full-time to watch the children, as well.

Pedestrian accident attorneys in Laguna Niguel can help parents get the right legal representation for their children if they are the victims of pedestrian accidents.  While a child has no legal “rights” under our system, a parent or guardian, or a person appointed by the court, can file a lawsuit on behalf of a child if he or she has been the victim of a personal injury accident.  When a child is injured in a pedestrian accident, he or she is depending on parents or other adults to do the right thing and help recover the damages due for medical bills, living expenses, and other costs.

Without a responsible adult to represent their interests, juvenile victims of pedestrian accidents could be powerless to recover these damages.  When a child does not have parents who are able or willing to help recover the damages, courts can appoint a guardian who will represent the best interests of the child and will talk to attorneys on his or her behalf.

If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident or you have a child who has been a victim, talk to a professional pedestrian accident attorney in Laguna Niguel about your case.  You will find that an experienced personal injury attorney understands the law and can give you sound advice about how to handle your pedestrian accident lawsuit and recover damages for your injuries in the amount you deserve.

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