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Laguna Niguel Employment Attorneys

For victims of unfair treatment in the workplace, Laguna Niguel employment lawyers offer help and advice about how to balance the need to right injustices and the need to protect a job.  Many people are afraid to file workplace lawsuits because they believe they will be targeted for retribution, hard feelings on the part of other employees, and even possible firing.  While this can sometimes be true, a good employment attorney can show you the ways in which you can protect yourself from unfair practices and from repercussions for bringing those practices to light.

Employment Lawsuit Claims

A glance at current employment lawsuit dockets around the country shows that many problems exist in a variety of workplaces and affect large groups of diverse people.  For example, wage and hour claims, which deal with how much an employee is paid and how often he or she must work, are common topics of employment lawsuits.  It is very common for employers to accidentally or deliberately misinterpret the wage and hour laws and work employees too much or pay them too little.

Another common type of employment lawsuit deals with job duties.  If a person has certain job duties assigned to him or her, they must be those that the employee can perform.  For people with disabilities, for example, there are certain types of jobs that may be difficult for them to do.  If an employer fires an employee for not being able to perform a job prohibited by a disability, that employee may have grounds for an employment lawsuit.

A third type of employment lawsuit is the harassment lawsuit.  Harassment is defined as a pattern of conduct designed to intimidate or harm someone.  People are harassed at work every day, and many fail to report the harassment because they fear the harasser or because they are worried about what others will think.  Common types of harassment include intimidation to prevent an employee from seeking a promotion or raise, sexual harassment by a co-worker or supervisor, and physical harassment, including assault.  No one should be made to feel afraid at work, but unfortunately many people are terrorized by someone with the intent of making them fearful and compliant.  Most harassers use intimidation to force their victims to do something that benefits the harasser.  If an employee has attempted to solve the problem through proper channels at work and the problem is not resolved, it is time to talk to employment attorneys in Laguna Niguel about the issue.

No matter what type of employment problem you are facing, a professional employment lawyer can help.  By talking to an expert employment attorney, you will get sound advice not only on the legal ramifications of your situation, but also about how to handle the situation at work without creating more ill-will.  By handling your employment problems in a professional manner, you greatly increase the chances that you will have a successful outcome to your case and recover the damages that you are owed. Please call us at 949-203-3814 for a free case evaluation and more information regarding your situation.

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