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Laguna Niguel Dog Bite Lawyers

Laguna Niguel Dog Bite Lawyers

The Laguna Niguel Dog Bite Attorneys of Bisnar Chase are here to support and represent you if you have been involved in a serious dog attack. Dog bite victims can be left severely harmed and traumatized. Careless dog owners should be held accountable for their lack of supervision and training.

The law firm of Bisnar Chase has been helping survivors of animal attacks gain millions in compensation for the past 40 years. The Laguna Niguel dog bite lawyers of Bisnar Chase have held a 99% success rate and guarantee that if there is no win there is no fee.

Our mission statement is to "provide superior client representation in a compassionate and professional manner while making our world a safer place."

If you or someone you know has been critically injured from a dog bite attack Call 949-203-3814. Upon your call, you will have the opportunity to speak with an experienced injury attorney and receive a free consultation. Contact us today.

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Dog bites are a far too familiar incident that involves adults and even innocent children. At times, when a dog displays aggressive behavior it can usually be caused by unintentional or minor actions of a human. Below are several reasons why a canine may be provoked to attack you.

1. The dog is protecting his/her territory: A dog may be inclined to bite a person if he/she is trying to guard a possession. This possession may be their pups, food or a toy. Experts strongly suggest teaching your dog to wait for food or the "leave it" rule to prevent aggression.

2. Fear may provoke a dog to bite: If you are not well acquainted with a dog it's best not to approach or pet it. Children should be taught the same as well. Socializing your dog in it's younger years can prevent your dog from being afraid of strangers.

3. Dogs may bite because they are experiencing pain: Sore spots that are caused by arthritis or wounds can lead a dog to attack, even if it was trained from an early age not to be hostile. A well-trained dog acting unusually aggressive can signal that he/she is physically suffering.

4. Motherly instincts can cause a dog to attack: A new mother may be more apt to bite when she has just given birth. Female dogs strongly feel as though they need to protect their young when they are pups. Professionals recommend that dog owners establish a secluded spot for a mother and her pups to rest.

5. Attacks may be provoked by prey: If a dog sees a person running, it can trigger a dog to attack. When a dog sees someone jogging it may provoke the dog to hunt. Pay attention to your surroundings when exercising and if you happen to be confronted by a dog stand still, tall and do not look at them directly in the eye until they walk away.

What to Do If a Dog Attacks?

Many people think that running away would be the best option when a dog attacks. What most people do not know is that this is the worse course of action that you could possibly take. There are signs that a dog exhibits when it is ready to strike.

Some signs may include a dog exposing its teeth, ears are upright or their body is lunging toward you. There are measures that you can take when trying to avoid a dog attack.

The following are steps that you can adhere to if you come across a dangerous-looking dog.

  • Do not make eye-contact
  • Slowly turn your body away from the dog
  • Do not acknowledge the dog
  • Stay very still for at least a couple of minutes
  • Try to reach a safe place where the dog can not attack you, such as behind a fence

Dangerous Dog Breeds

In the United States, there are over 89.7 million dogs. It has been reported that 31 deaths had taken place due to a dog attack. Studies have also shown that certain dog breeds are known to be more threatening than others. Even though some breeds have higher aggressive levels, with a sufficient amount of training, even the most hostile of dogs can be tamed.

In one year, pit bulls were known to be one of the most deadly dog breeds. Below this chart indicates which dog breed had the most fatal attacks.

Dog bite attorney in Laguna Nigel
Chart Courtesy of DogsBite. Org

Most Common Dog Bite Injuries

According to the Orange County Register dog bite incidents have been increasing over the years. Dog bites can be a minor scar to disfiguring a person for life. If you or your child has suffered serious injuries seek medical attention right away.

Possible injuries that a person can experience from a dog bite are:

  • Cuts and bruising to the face: When dogs attack the primary area that they generally bite are the arms and legs. In the case of a person being bitten in the face, it is due to a person bending down to touch the dog. Studies reported that 76% of people who have suffered from injuries and infections caused by dog bites to the face were leaning over a canine.

  • Damage to the nerves: Harsh dog bites can puncture the skin and often break soft tissue. In some extreme cases a person who has been bitten by a dog can experience a muscle being torn. If a victim of a dog bite experiences nerve damage some symptoms may include burning, tingling or pain in the bitten area.

  • Psychological damage: Experiencing a dog attack can be traumatizing. There are instances of psychological damage being so great that people are fearful to leave their homes. Other emotional damages from dog bites can include anxiety, suffering from nightmares and PTSD.
  • 7 Tips for Protecting Children

    Children unfortunately are commonly the victims of some of the most horrendous and traumatic dog bite incidents.

    The family of a child involved in a dog bite incident should notify the authorities, collect information from the dog’s owner and take the young victim to the hospital immediately so that he or she can receive prompt medical attention.

    If your child has fortunately not been a victim of a dog bite, there are preventive measures you can take to protect your child.

    7 tips to prevent child dog bite incidents:

    1. Do not run and scream: Running and screaming from a dog may provoke it to chase. Instead, children should remain motionless if approached by the dog.

    2. Assume the fetal position: If that doesn’t work and the dog knocks the child to the ground, it is best for the child to curl up like a ball and remain still.

    3. Keep your distance: It is a bad idea to make eye contact with an unknown dog or to disturb a dog that is eating, sleeping or caring for their puppies.

    4. Do not approach a dog you are not familiar with: A child should not approach or pet a dog that they do not know well. Children should be taught to ask permission from a dog owner before playing or petting the dog.

    5. Children should always be supervised: An adult should always be present when playing with a dog and all stray dogs should be reported immediately.

    6. Do not rough house with the dog: Families should not play wrestling or biting games with a dog, especially if the dog is at a greater weight than the child.

    7. Never leave children alone with a dog: Infants and young children should never be left alone with an animal. Countless incidents have involved infants as young as 3 days old being mauled and killed by a dog when left unsupervised.

    California Dog Bite Law

    Under California law, dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pet regardless of the animal’s prior viciousness.

    As long as the child was on public property or legally on private property, the owner can be held financially responsible for the injuries suffered. In such cases, compensation may be available for medical bills, surgical procedures, cost of rehabilitation, pain and suffering and emotional distress.

    If the child is traumatized by the attack, he or she can be compensated for the cost of psychological counseling as well. Many young victims of dog bite incidents need help being comfortable around animals again. In some cases, the victim may be fearful just leaving the house.

    Understanding Your Legal Options

    An experienced Laguna Niguel dog bite lawyer can help the victim’s family understand their legal options. It is not always easy to hold a dog owner accountable for an accident. The experienced Laguna Niguel dog bite lawyers at Bisnar Chase have helped protect the rights of children who have suffered horrific injuries in dog attacks.

    We have successfully pursued negligent dog owners financially and helped young victims secure fair compensation. Please call the law offices of Bisnar Chase at 949-203-3814 or contact us if your child has been injured in a Laguna Niguel dog attack.

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