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Laguna Niguel Car Accident Lawyer

The most highly accomplished Laguna Niguel personal injury lawyers have learned that negotiating a fair settlement for a car collision injury claim involves numerous acquired skills. You need practice and experience to develop acute negotiating tactics. Before we explore one important negotiating tactic, it may help to take a closer look at the numbers and types of accidents that occur in Laguna Niguel, California.

Laguna Niguel Car Accident Fatalities are Down but Tragedies Still Occur

Statistics by the California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) revealed that in2006, four persons were killed and 90 people were injured in Laguna Niguel car collisions. Impaired drivers were responsible for three fatalities and 16 injuries. Pedestrian accidents in the city injured three and bicycle accidents injured four. Motorcycle accidents killed two and injured six people. In 2007, four car accidents resulted in four fatalities. The following year, two car crashes took two lives.

Critical Negotiating Tactic: Express Disinterest and Reluctance to Settle

Those who have haggled with a car salesman know never to reveal their excitement over a car they want. An experienced Laguna Niguel car accident lawyer advises using similar tactics when negotiating car crash insurance settlement claims. "If you appear reluctant to settle when evaluating an insurance adjuster's settlement offer, you'll increase your bargaining posture," says John Bisnar. "Expressing disinterest tells the adjuster that you can afford to wait for a better offer. Naturally, this calls for a bit of tact and self-control."

While negotiating, never appear arrogant, insulting or condescending. Calmly respond how disappointed you are at his offer. "Accentuate your displeasure with appropriate voice and mannerisms, and suggest that you'd hoped the insurance adjuster could come up with a better offer," advises John Bisnar. "If you show any enthusiasm for the adjuster's position, the negotiations will come to standstill and your hopes of a better offer will fly out the window." Keep in mind that adjuster's mission is to save his company as much money as possible; your mission is to arrive at a settlement that fairly compensates you for all your damages.

Use a Car Accident Lawyer as a Valued Resource

An experienced car accident lawyer can show you other negotiating tactics and help you avoid many mistakes when dealing with insurance adjusters. The best vehicle collision lawyers offer no charge, no pressure consultations. If you've suffered injuries in a car crash, a skilled Laguna Niguel car collision lawyer can help you secure fair compensation for your car accident claim.

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