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Laguna Niguel Bus Accident Attorneys

When many people think of bus accidents they visualize city buses, shuttle buses, or even cross-country buses.  However, it may not occur to them that one of the largest group of buses involved in traffic accidents are school buses.  If your child has been involved in a school bus accident, you should seek legal advice from Laguna Niguel bus accident lawyers.

Schools buses easily have the most advanced safety and warning systems of any type of buses.  School buses are required to have warning lights, signals, and signs.  They are required to stop for all railroad crossings and are forbidden from exceeding certain speed limits.  However, even with all these safety measures in place, school buses still cause accidents and are hit by other vehicles at an alarming rate.  School children are also the victims of pedestrian accidents when entering or exiting school buses.

Some people believe that you cannot recover damages for injuries sustained in school bus accidents, but this is not true.  The procedure may be different from that of a “normal” bus accident case, but victims are still entitled to recover damages when involved in any accident, regardless of the vehicle involved or who owns it.

The reason many people think that you cannot collect damages in a school bus accident is because so many school buses are owned by governmental entities.  Of course, there are also private schools that own their own buses, but most school buses are owned by public school districts.  Any time a governmental agency is involved in a lawsuit, things tend to be more complicated than when only private citizens are involved.

However, this does not mean that you cannot collect damages.  The idea of “immunity” leads many people to believe that the government cannot be sued, but this is not the case.  Immunity is a complicated legal idea but basically means that a government official cannot be sued for doing his or her job.  However, if a school bus driver breaks the law and causes an accident, not only can the driver be sued but the school district that employs the person can also be held liable.

This does not mean that school bus cases are “easy” to pursue.  Any case involving governmental agencies or entities are usually complex and may require longer to settle than other types of personal injury cases.  However, you can still recover damages if you are willing to have patience and hire the right personal injury lawyer to take your case.

Personal injury attorneys in Laguna Niguel can handle school bus accident cases as well as any other type of bus accident case.  Your free initial consultation with a Laguna Niguel bus accident attorney will give you a sound basis for understanding exactly how your case will be handled and the full amount of damages you can expect to recover.  A Laguna Niguel bus accident lawyer is a professional who understands the intricacies of a school bus accident case and can give you accurate legal advice about your rights and how to protect them.

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