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Laguna Niguel Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Laguna Niguel bicycle accident attorneys

Bisnar Chase's Laguna Niguel Bicycle Accident Lawyers have been working with victims who have suffered from serious injuries due to a bike crash for over 40 years. Distracted drivers need to be held accountable for their wrongdoing's.

With the help of a bicycle accident attorney, you can collect damages for your injuries and recover payments for all your expenses connected to the accident. With our legal representation our clients have won over $650 million dollars in compensation.

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Bike Crash Statistics

Compiling available data on bike riders helps us to understand how and why bicycle accidents happen and hopefully prevent future suffering of bicycle riders.

According to a survey conducted by the United States Department of Transportation, in one year, there were at least 57 million people, or 23 percent of the population 16 or older, who biked at least once during the year, often in the summer.  One quarter of these riders rode for recreational or leisure purposes, while another quarter rode for health and exercise.  That means that 50 percent of the people riding bicycles at any given time are doing so as a form of recreation rather than transportation.  Only five percent of the people surveyed rode for transportation to or from work or school.

Most bicycle rides consist of a mile or less close to home. This means that the 52,000 people injured and the 618 people killed in 2010 were primarily riding very close to home when the accidents occurred.

Bicycle collision lawyers in Laguna Niguel

5 Most Common Causes of Bike Accidents

Bicycles are different from motor vehicles in several respects. Bicycles do not offer much protection for riders making them vulnerable to dangerous weather conditions and reckless drivers. It is important for cyclists to pay attention to their surroundings and wear the proper bicycle gear to remain safe. Below are the top five causes of bicycle accidents and bike saftey tips to make sure you stay safe while riding.

  1. Distracted driving: Inattentive driving does not just include texting and driving. Distracted driving can also be putting on makeup, adjusting the radio or eating while driving. Drivers have the responsibility to keep themselves and other riders on the road safe.
  2. Speeding: Drivers are to remain cautious around pedestrians and bike riders, but cyclists are to do their part to remain safe as well. It is recommended that bikers not pedal as hard as they can around cars especially when turning. Excess speed can make it hard to stop when necessary. If you cannot come to a complete halt and you lose control, you can possibly collide into incoming traffic.
  3. Cycling too close to drivers or riders: Motorists are required to give cyclist at least three feet of space on the street. Riders should not assume that they will be given enough space by drivers. Many people suggest that using the side-walk may be a safer alternative for traveling by a cyclist. There are some areas where riders are prohibited and should look out for to avoid a ticket.
  4. Dangerous weather conditions: Driving in the rain is hazardous but riding a bike in the rain can be deadly. Not only are cyclists facing accidentally slipping into traffic, but they also run the risk of being hit by motorists. Statistics have shown that over 16% of crashes have been caused by weather conditions. Cyclists need to be weary of weather conditions that can be dangerous such as heavy rain, hail and snow.
  5. Lane merging: Drivers crashing into cyclists is a common occurrence for one primary reason: not signaling while turning. Motorists also need to pay attention to their blind spot.

Injuries you can Claim for your Laguna Niguel Bicycle Crash

Injuries a cyclist can obtain in a bike accident can be severe and may even leave some paralyzed. Many riders hit by cars lose their lives on the road as well. If you have suffered catastrophic injuries in a bicycle collision, you may be able to claim compensation. Below are the most common injuries that are claimed in a bicycle incident.

Injuries that you can compensated for after a bike accident include:

Traumatic brain injury: Even if a cyclist wears a helmet there is still a chance that they can suffer from major head injuries in a crash. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that in one year, over 2.5 million people were admitted to the emergency room due to a traumatic brain injury. People who have suffered from an injury sustained from a bike accident should be rushed to the hospital if they are experiencing seizures, feeling drowsy or confused and if their pupils are dilating.

Broken bones: What is not often popularized are cyclists suffering from broken bones on their face. If hit face first to the ground, riders may have to undergo facial reconstruction surgery due to breaking their nose, cheekbones or even chipping their teeth.

Heavy scarring: Asphalt or concrete can cause serious scarring to a rider. They may suffer open wounds or deep cuts and may need stitches or surgery to heal the injury. Skin grafting can be an option if the rider has lost a good amount of their epidermis from the accident. Road rash is another common injury that riders suffer from collisions as well.

Compensation for a Laguna Niguel Injury

With the help of a Laguna Niguel Bicycle Accident Lawyer, you can collect damages for your injuries and recover payments for all your expenses connected to the accident. The law firm of Bisnar Chase has earned millions in recovery for accident victims and continues to hold a 96% percent success rate in winning injury cases.

Our personal injury attorneys have over 40 years of experience helping injury victims fight against negligent parties and huge insurance companies.

Our mission is :

"To provide superior client representation in a compassionate and professional manner while making our world a safer place."

Talk to a bicycle accident attorney in Laguna Niguel about your injuries today.

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