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A La Habra Car Accident Lawyer Advises: Direct Your Own Medical Care

The most successful La Habra accident injury lawyer knows that people who suffer a car crash are frequently confused as to where to go for help. Some lawyers, in trying to help their clients, often direct them when it comes to medical treatment. Unfortunately, this type of advice occurs with increasing frequency, driven by the many car crashes that happen in La Habra, California.

A Look at Car Accidents in La Habra

La Habra's car accident statistics can be disturbing. In 2006, the California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) reported that three people died and 266 were injured in La Habra car crashes. Motorcyclist accidents killed one and injured 13. One pedestrian was killed and 20 were injured in car collisions. Bicyclist vs. car collisions injured 19. And drunk drivers caused two deaths and 29 injuries. In 2007, there were three car accidents that resulted in five fatalities. The following year, one car accident resulted in one death.

Let Your Doctor Direct Your Medical Treatment

Highly regarded La Habra auto accident attorney know it's ill-advised to mingle specialties. The job of a car accident lawyer is to safeguard your legal rights, which means, doctors should advise you on medical matters. If you ever feel that your lawyer is trying to direct you to a specific medical practitioner, chiropractor, clinic, or treatment option, question his or her motives, for there may be a conflict of interest. Remember that a conflict of interest can exist even without improper actions (no kickbacks or incentives given to the lawyer). For it's the appearance of impropriety that can create a number of problems with your case. For example, defense lawyers can and will dig out this kind of information, and they will use it to their advantage--to raise doubts with the jury about any doctor's opinions whose payments depend on the successful outcome of a trial. They may also discover that a large number of patients were referred to one particular medical practitioner by your lawyer. This information can cause your treatments to be questioned by all those who decide the merits of your case.

Consult a Car Accident Lawyer Who Keeps Law and Medicine Separate

The most accomplished car accident lawyers know it's crucial to keep legal and medical advice separate. The best lawyers offer no charge, no pressure consultations and can tell you if they can be of help in your particular case. Moreover, a skilled La Habra car crash lawyer can advise you of your legal options to ensure you are fairly compensated for your losses and injuries.

For more advice, please read "The Seven Fatal Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Personal Injury Claim" by California personal injury attorney John Bisnar. To contact our Orange County car accident lawyers please call 949-203-3814 or email us by filling out the contact form for a free consultation.

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