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La Habra Bus Accident Attorneys

Bus accidents involving municipal or local buses often involve three types of victims:  pedestrians or bicyclists, passengers in cars, and passengers on the bus itself.  No matter what type of victim you have been in a bus accident, La Habra bus accident lawyers can help you recover damages for your injuries.

Buses sometimes hit bicyclists or pedestrians.  Our city streets are crowded, and bus drivers are sometimes distracted and pull away from a curb without realizing that a pedestrian or bicycle rider is in their path.  When this happens, the pedestrian or bicycle rider can be seriously injured or even killed, although most of these accidents happen at a low rate of speed.  Buses have also hit pedestrians or cyclists while traveling at higher rates of speed along busy thoroughfares, and these accidents are almost always very serious.  Even a “slight bump” by a slow-moving bus can serious injure a pedestrian or bicycle rider due to the sheer size and weight of a city bus coming into contact with an unprotected human being.

Passengers in cars can also be seriously injured or killed if a large bus collides with a car.  Passenger vehicle occupants can be crushed by the weight of a bus if the impact is strong enough, and passengers who are not wearing safety restraints can be ejects from the car if a bus rear-ends or sideswipes a car.  However, passenger car occupants tend to have more protection in a bus accident than a pedestrian or bicycle rider.

Passengers on the bus itself may also suffer injuries if the bus collides with another vehicle, a utility pole, or any other obstruction.  Passengers on a bus rarely have any safety restraints and may actually be standing up if the bus is crowded, meaning that they are far more likely to fall or be thrown around inside the bus in the event of a collision.  Passengers can also be injured going up and down the steps of a stopped bus if the bus is hit by another vehicle while it idles.

No matter what the circumstances of your bus accident, bus accident attorneys in La Habra can help.  These legal experts understand the special circumstances that surround bus accidents and can give you sound advice about the value of your case and how to recover damages for your injuries.  Even if you think that your case is not worth much, you should still talk to a professional bus accident attorney before you sign any settlement papers.  Bus companies and insurance providers often try to get victims of a bus accident to sign waivers right away in exchange for small payments.  You may find that your case is worth far more than the amount these agents are offering when you talk to a La Habra bus accident attorney.

Your initial consultation with a La Habra bus accident lawyer is always free, so there is no risk to you to seek legal advice about your case.  Talk to a La Habra bus accident attorney today.

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