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La Habra Brain Injury Attorneys

Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accident, slip and fall accidents, and pedestrian accidents can all lead to brain injuries.  Brain injuries are the very worst and most serious type of personal injury besides death, because brain injuries can mean a lifetime of disability or low level of functioning for a victim. La Habra brain injury lawyers work with those who have suffered brain injuries as the result of the negligence, carelessness, or illegal activity of an individual, company, or governmental authority.

Brain injuries are not always life-threatening, and some types of brain injuries mean only a short convalescence.  For example, a minor concussion from a fall or a sharp blow to the head may only mean a few days of headaches or blurred vision, and then the wound may heal completely.  On the other hand, a fall or a blow to the head can also produce permanent brain damage with effects that are felt for a lifetime.

What is so disquieting about brain injuries is that there is really no way to predict how an individual will react to a particular type of trauma.  Some people receive very powerful impacts to the skull and have almost no damage whatsoever, while others sustain relatively minor head trauma but develop permanent brain damage.  Because brain injuries are so serious by their very nature, any blow to the head or neck should be considered a serious injury and should be treated promptly by a qualified physician.  If you are in any type of accident that involves any head or neck trauma, never refuse medical treatment; have yourself transported to a hospital emergency room immediately, even if you feel fine.  Similarly, if a child or relative falls and hits his or her head, do not shrug off the injury; take them at once to a hospital emergency room or doctor’s office for an examination.  Many brain injuries can be treated successfully if they are identified immediately and treatment begins promptly.

Brain injury attorneys in La Habra represent victims of brain injuries no matter what the severity of the injury.  Even if you have suffered only a minor brain injury, you are entitled to recover damages from the person who injured you.  You are also entitled to have proper medical care to treat your brain injury at the expense of the at-fault party.  You should never be denied medical treatment due to lack of funds to pay for expensive procedures, drugs, or treatments.  Your La Habra brain injury attorney can help you recover these damages and pay for the treatments you need to get back to normal or to manage your brain injury.

Your first consultation with a La Habra brain injury lawyer is always free, and there is no obligation if you choose not to pursue your case.  Why not talk to a professional personal injury attorney today? You can get the truth about your brain injury and learn how to recover damages for your pain and suffering, mental and physical trauma, and medical costs.

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