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La Habra Bicycle Accident Attorneys

La Habra bicycle accident lawyers often study statistics published by groups such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to learn about trends in bicycle accidents. Studying these statistics gives La Habra bicycle accident attorneys the knowledge they need to successfully pursue damages for the unfortunate victims of bicycle accidents and the families affected by these losses.

For example, the NHTSA notes that nearly 70 percent of all bicycle accidents are in urban areas and 65 percent occur at non-intersections.  Armed with this knowledge, bicycle accident lawyers in La Habra and the groups that support bicycle safety can lobby for the building of more bike paths and crosswalks so that bicycle riders are safer when riding on city streets.

The NHTSA also states that 41 is the average age of victims of bicycle fatalities, and 31 is the average age for bicycle injury victims.  These figures may comes as a surprise to some who feel that bicycle accidents are mainly a “kid’s problem”; obviously many of the people who are hurt or killed in bicycle accidents are wage earners for families and people who have families that are affected financially by their accidents.  This means that bicycle accident attorneys must work hard to recover not only medical costs and sums for pain and suffering but also lost wages and family expenses that may result from bicycle accidents.

Finally, the NHTSA notes that more than 80 percent of bicycle accident victims are men.  Does this mean that men are simply more likely to take dangerous chances on bicycles, that men ride bicycles more often than women, or that drivers are less likely to yield to a man on a bicycle than to a woman or a child?  No one has satisfactorily answered this question, but bicycle accident attorneys in La Habra use this information as they consider how to approach the pursuit of damages in a bicycle accident case.  Knowing that the average bicycle accident injury victim is a male of the age of 31 means that La Habra bicycle accident attorneys are often called on to pursue damages for the primary wage earner of a family and for a young man who will need ongoing medical care and therapy to return to pre-accident physical condition.

Bicycle accident attorneys in La Habra use this information in many ways.  Most personal injury cases are settled out of court, so a La Habra bicycle accident attorney must be prepared to calculate a fair settlement amount to use in negotiations.  It helps a bicycle accident attorney to calculate this amount accurately when he or she has all the information possible to justify a claim.

If you have been the victim of a bicycle accident in La Habra, no matter what your age, gender, or physical condition, talk to a professional bicycle accident attorney about your case.  You will find that you are entitled to far more in damages than you might believe, and that these damages are much easier to recover with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

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