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Interstate Route 91 Freeway Accidents

State Route 91 is a major freeway in southern California that travels east and west. This busy freeway runs from Gardena through several regions of Los Angeles to Riverside. SR-91 is one of the busiest and most dangerous freeways because it is the only highway that links Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties. Parts of this freeway are known as the Gardena Freeway, the Long Beach Freeway, the Artesia Freeway and the Riverside Freeway.

  • The Gardena Freeway is a short portion of Interstate Route 91 in southern Los Angeles County. It travels from the eastern edge of Gardena to the Long Beach Freeway.
  • The Artesia Freeway travels through southeastern Los Angeles County and northwestern Orange County. This portion of the freeway goes from the Long Beach Freeway in Long Beach to the Fullerton and Anaheim border in Orange County.
  • The Riverside Freeway goes from the Santa Ana Freeway in Buena Park to State Route 60 in Riverside. After the Riverside Freeway passes the I-215/CA-60/CA-91 junction, it continues on as the I-215.

A Busy Freeway

The design of the 91 Freeway is unique in its use of express lanes. There is a 10-mile, high-occupancy toll road that runs from the Costa Mesa Freeway in Anaheim to the Riverside County line. The express lanes have two primary lanes in each direction that are separated from the regular main lanes of traffic.

One of the reasons why Interstate Route 91 is so busy and dangerous is because it is one of only a few routes that run through the Santa Ana Mountains that connect Orange and Riverside counties. Much of this highway gets so congested during rush hour that it is commonly referred to as "the Corona Crawl" by local traffic reporters. Motorists often, commuters have to struggle with slowed and even stopped traffic along the freeway.

Accident Causes

There are many potential causes of freeway accidents. Common causes of injury accidents along SR-91 include:

  • Roadway congestion: This is an extremely busy freeway. It does not have to be rush hour for traffic jams to result in stopped traffic. As the only freeway that connects Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside counties, there are hundreds of thousands of drivers who need to take the 91 Freeway every workday. Drivers who are impatient, anxious or fatigued can cause devastating accidents that bring traffic to a standstill. Slowed traffic often leads to even greater frustration and more opportunities for road rage and rear-end collisions.
  • High volume of commercial trucking: Many truckers and trucking companies rely on the Interstate 91 to connect businesses in Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles counties. Wherever there are large trucks, there is the potential for devastating truck accidents. All drivers should avoid staying within the many blind spots surrounding tractor-trailers.
  • Mountainous terrain: This freeway does travel through hilly and mountainous areas such as the Santa Ana Mountains. These areas typically result in traffic congestion and uneven traffic flow.
  • Negligent driving: This freeway is so busy that one driver can create hazardous conditions for thousands of motorists. Drivers who are distracted, speeding, drunk or fatigued can cause devastating rear-end collisions and chain reaction crashes. It is common for unsafe lane changes and tailgating collisions to result in additional accidents and a multitude of injuries.
  • Inattentive driving: If you have to travel long distances on Interstate 91, you will likely get stuck in traffic for long hours at a time. Motorists can be seen talking on the cell phone, eating or drinking while driving. These are dangerous habits that can lead to devastating car accidents.

Contact an Accident Attorney

Victims of southern California freeway accidents have it in their best interest to discuss their legal rights and options with an experienced personal injury lawyer. A skilled Orange County car accident lawyer at our law firm can help prove liability for the crash and help injured victims obtain fair and full compensation for their losses. Please contact us for a free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation.

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