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Interstate Route 10 Freeway Accidents

The Interstate 10 is the southern most east-west, coast-to-coast highway that begins in Santa Monica, California and ends in Jacksonville, Florida. It is the fourth longest highway in the United States spanning over 2,460 miles. The length in which it travels through Los Angeles and San Bernardino may be where it is the most dangerous.

The Interstate 10 goes by many names. In the greater Los Angeles area, the I-10 is referred to as the Santa Monica Freeway. While traveling east of Los Angeles, the 10 is known as the San Bernardino Freeway after passing through the dangerous East Los Angeles Interchange. Others names for the California portion of the Interstate 10 include the Rosa Parks Freeway and the Redlands Freeway.

Reports about the I-10

According to a news report in The Daily Beast, the I-10 in California ranked as the fifth most dangerous roadway in the country. In just a four year span, there were 387 traffic accident-related fatalities along the interstate’s 242.54-mile California stretch, resulting in 1.41 fatalities for every 1.4 miles. A report in listed Interstate 10 in Riverside County as the second most dangerous roadway in the county. The two main contributing factors that put the I-10 near the top of their list were speed and congestion.

Some of the key factors that contribute to traffic accidents on the Interstate Route 10 include:

  • Traffic congestion: As one of the busiest roadways in the nation, the I-10 can become extremely congested. It is common for the one minor fender bender to result in severe backups and stopped traffic. Congested roadways are also common locations for a dangerous lane change to result in major pileup that could potentially cause multiple injuries.
  • Speeding motorists: Many parts of the I-10 in Los Angeles and Riverside are so busy that it is difficult to exceed the speed limit. Drivers who are speeding are likely not only exceeding the speed limit, but also recklessly weaving through lanes of traffic to maintain their speed. Reckless drivers who put the safety of others at risk can be held accountable for the damages they cause.
  • Truck routes: As an east-west highway that literally crosses the entire country, it is common for large trucks to transport heavy cargo along Interstate Route 10. Drivers who may have traveled for hours upon hours on the 10 Freeway may be operating their vehicle while fatigued. Other trucks are dangerous because of defective brakes or overloaded trailers.
  • Changing terrain: This highway is so long that the roadway conditions are extremely varied for motorists traveling great distances. Drivers on the I-10 may be traveling through stop-and-go city traffic at one moment, and fast-paced desert traffic in the next. Motorists must remain focused to adjust their speed according to roadway and weather conditions.

Injuries and Damages

Victims of Interstate Route 10 freeway accidents may suffer a wide variety of serious injuries. Slow moving collisions in stopped traffic can result in whiplash and soreness. Fast moving rear-end collisions can result in even more serious neck and back injuries. High-speed freeway accidents can result in devastating head injuries, back injuries, multiple bone fractures, burn injuries, lacerations and even amputation injuries or death. Anyone who has suffered an injury because of a negligent driver along the I-10 would be well advised to discuss his or her legal rights and options with an experienced California car accident attorney.

The skilled Interstate Route 10 freeway accident lawyers at our firm can help injured victims pursue support for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, lost future wages, costs of rehabilitation services, disabilities and other related damages. A knowledgeable attorney will help determine liability for the crash and help the victim hold the at-fault party accountable for all of their losses. Please contact us for a free and comprehensive consultation.

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