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Interstate 8 Freeway Accident Attorneys

Interstate 8 is a connector freeway that links San Diego with Interstate 10 in Arizona.  This stretch is known as the Border Friendship Route, the Ocean Beach Freeway west of I-5, and the Kumeyaay Highway in San Diego County.  This busy freeway is an important connector between the eastern part of the state and the San Diego area, and accidents do sometimes happen along its length.  When these accidents occur, there are often major damages and injuries, and Interstate 8 Freeway accident lawyers must represent the victims to ensure that they are well-represented and their rights are protected.

Car accidents can take many forms and result in a wide variety of injuries, but one thing they all have in common is that someone caused the damage.  Under California law, you cannot have an accident in which no one is at fault; by definition, someone’s actions led to the collision.  It is possible that the cause was an outside factor, but every person is responsible for maintaining and controlling his or her own vehicle.  In most cases, it is not a matter of some abstract idea of fault; one driver clearly caused the accident by his or her driving behavior, whether the precipitating cause was speeding, driving under the influence, or being distracted by a cell phone or other device.

In some cases, however, accidents can appear to be the fault of one person when they are actually the fault of someone else.  A recent case in northern California illustrates this point:  a woman traveling late at night woke up in the hospital with no memory of what happened and was charged with an accident that led to the death of another driver.  However, upon closer examination of the accident evidence, it turned out that the dead driver was actually responsible for the crash.

Sometimes it is necessary to hire experts to verify the cause of a crash.  Accident reconstruction experts spend their time studying evidence and giving conclusions about what led to a crash.  They are often employed by San Diego car accident attorneys to help determine the true cause of a crash and who was to blame for the initial incident that led to the collision.

No matter what the circumstances of your accident, it pays to talk to a professional accident attorney about your case.  Even if you think or have been told that you are at fault, it is possible that the police have drawn an erroneous conclusion and that an expert accident reconstruction team could show that someone else was responsible for the crash.

It costs nothing to consult a professional car accident attorney in California.  These lawyers offer a free consultation appointment so that you can find out the facts about your case and make plans to pursue damages from the person responsible.  If you choose to file a suit and retain the attorney, he or she will offer you a contingency fee agreement; this means that you pay nothing until the case is settled.

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