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710 Freeway Accidents

Interstate 710 is called “the seven-ten” by area residents in southern California, and travels north and south for 23 miles in Los Angeles County.  This important highway connects Long Beach to Alhambra and is also called the “Long Beach Freeway.”  The 710 begins at the Cerritos Channel and travels over the Gerald Desmond Bridge, then ends at Pasadena with a connection to I-210.  This important arterial highway sees a very high volume of traffic on a daily basis, and accidents are unfortunately rather common.  Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers are ready to represent the victims of these accidents and help them recover damages for injuries they have sustained.

Car accidents on California freeways tend to fall into one of two types.  Either they happen at low speeds and occur because of traffic jams, or they happen at high speeds and involve reckless drivers.  There are very few accidents that fall into the middle ground between these two extremes, although of course they can happen.  Slow-speed accidents are usually rear-end collisions that result in whiplash injuries.  As drivers travel the freeway, they may be forced to slow or even stop for congestion.  If drivers are not paying attention, they may rear-end the vehicle in front and cause a collision.  If drivers are traveling too fast and weaving, they may also cause serious accidents that result in rollovers or other potentially fatal crashes.

While everyone understands that traffic is crowded, some people are simply more prepared to deal with congestion than others.  Drivers who practice defensive driving and other safety precautions are less like to cause accidents than those who are reckless or distracted.  The recent advent of cell phones means that there is a high probability that many drivers at any given moment are talking or texting and not paying attention to their surroundings.  This can result in very serious injuries or even death.

Even if you are a very careful driver, there is a possibility that you will be the victim of a freeway collision.  No matter how much you try to avoid one, you cannot control other drivers.  If you have been the victim and you are suffering from injuries someone else has caused, you should talk to expert 710 Freeway accident attorneys as soon as possible.

Not only is it essential that you get sound legal advice to collect damages for your case, it is also very important that you file your case in a timely manner.  California’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases varies according to the age of the victim and the circumstances of the accident, but it is important that you do not miss the filing deadline, no matter what it is.  If you miss the deadline imposed by the law to file your claim, you may lose your right to collect damages.

Talk to a California freeway accident attorney today and find out the facts about your case, how long you have to file, and how much you can expect to collect in damages for your injuries.

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