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101 Freeway Accidents

Highway 101 is one of the longest U. S. Highways still in operation in entire United States, and the longest in California.  It hugs the coast all the way from Los Angeles, where it intersects with Interstate 5, to the Oregon State line.  With a road this long and traveling through so many different types of terrain, it is probably inevitable that there will be accidents that involve injuries and deaths along this highway.  If you have been the victim of a car collision and have suffered injuries, 101 Freeway accident lawyers can help.

Car accidents are a commonplace type of incident in California given the extreme congestion of our highways and roads.  Under California law, every accident has a cause and someone is charged with the fault in the collision.  This happens under California’s tort liability statutes, which are different than some states “no-fault” laws.  In California, you are not allowed to simply let your own insurance take care of the damage for your vehicle or pay your medical bills; if another person is involved and caused the accident and injuries, that person must pay.  Although California drivers often have uninsured motorist coverage to pay for accidents in which the at-fault driver does not have coverage, it is still the driver’s responsibility to pay for the damage and the insurance company can pursue payment from the at-fault party if they choose.

What this means is that every accident has a cause and an at-fault party.  While it may sometimes be difficult to determine the true cause of an accident, especially in cases where the collision was particularly serious and damaging to the vehicles involved, it is the responsibility of the authorities to make this determination.  Sometimes, when a lawyer who specializes in car collisions is unsatisfied with the police findings, he or she may hire an accident reconstruction expert to examine the collision evidence and make an independent determination.  It has sometimes happened that these experts’ findings have led the authorities to revise their initial opinion of an accident and make an official determination that another party was actually at fault.

If you have been involved in any type of accident, it is very important that you get sound legal advice before you attempt to negotiate with any group or individual.  You may be told the accident is your fault, but that may not be true.  You have nothing to lose by talking to our Los Angeles car accident attorneys about your case; you are offered a free initial consultation appointment to get the truth about your case, so you spend no money to talk to these lawyers.  If the lawyer agrees you have a claim and you want to retain him or her, you will be asked to sign a fee agreement that allows the attorney to collect a percentage of the final settlement in place of monthly billed fees.  These two practices mean that you risk nothing by talking to or retaining an attorney to represent you in your car collision case.

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