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Garden Grove Dog Bite Lawyers

Dog Bite Attorneys in Garden Grove

If you have suffered injuries from a dog attack, you are going to need an experienced attorney with a history of success. Our Garden Grove dog bite attorneys have been assisting victims of dog bites since 1978, and have developed a formula for success that has made us one of the top personal injury law firms in the nation. Many dog bite victims suffer from more than just scrapes and bruises; dog attacks can leave victims with permanent injuries and deformities that alter the way in which they are able to enjoy life. The injuries sustained by dog bite victims can affect every aspect of their lives, leaving them with serious injuries and the challenge of adjusting to a lifestyle that works with their new handicaps.

Your dog bite lawsuit is more than a monetary award for damages sustained, but a vital boost to help you recover from your traumatic experience financially and emotionally. Our Orange County dog bite lawyers give all of their clients a personal experience and keep them informed throughout the duration of their case. Contact us at 949-203-3814 NOW to take advantage of our free consultation and get the information needed to make the best decision for you and your family.

U.S. Dog Bite Statistics

California has one of the highest rates for fatal dog attacks. In 2010, 34 people lost their lives as a result of vicious dog bites and 350,000 people sought treatment from emergency rooms after being bitten by a dog in the United States. On a yearly basis, damages sustained as a result of dog attacks exceed 1 billion dollars, and those who suffer these injuries have little means of covering their expenses. The following are dog bite statistics gathered from the CDC, Michigan Association of Insurance Agents, and U.S. Postal Service dog attack data.

  • There are over four million dog bites that occur on a yearly basis nationwide.
  • The number of dog bite attacks requiring immediate medical assistance has increased fifteen times faster than the increase in dog ownership.
  • Letter carriers suffer about 3,000 dog bites annually as they deliver the mail.

Why Choose Bisnar Chase

Our clients know that we are more than just a Garden Grove dog attack law firm; we are passionate about helping dog bite victims. Not only have we sustained a 99% success rate for more than 35 years, but we have created an experience which gives our clients the confidence to trust their case in our hands. This allows our clients to focus more on their recovery, rather than enduring sleepless nights worrying about the outcome of their case. Our entire staff enjoys what they do, and are very active in the community helping others get back on their feet.

Bisnar and Chase partners, John Bisnar and Brian Chase, have instilled a dedication to assisting those who are less fortunate in every one at the firm. Whether we are giving away turkeys, making group donations to charities, sponsoring local fundraisers, or participating in conjunction with M.A.D.D. to help raise drunk driving awareness, our firm is actively working to better the community. Take a look at our Bisnar and Chase giving spotlight to see how we work together to help struggling Orange County locals.

Why Children are Prone to Garden Grove Dog Attacks

Unfortunately, many of those who suffer serious injuries in Orange County dog attacks are small children. Among children, injuries related to dog bites are substantially higher for those between ages five and nine. Due to the child's height and weight, aggressive dogs can find them to be easy targets and threats. When dogs to attack children, the injuries are usually substantial and years of reconstructive surgery, as well as intense therapy, are needed to help the child recover from their traumatic experience. If your child was attacked by a vicious dog, speaking with an experienced Orange County dog attack attorney is in your best interest. The long-term damage associated with dog attacks on children can be difficult to bear, but with a lack of compensation, getting your child the help they need will be much more difficult.

Dog Bite Attorneys in Garden Grove

If you are looking for the best legal representation available, you need to speak with our law firm today. There is a limited amount of time in which one can pursue compensation for a dog bite claim, so it is important to seek a case evaluation as soon as possible. Contact a Bisnar and Chase dog bite attorney in Garden Grove today to get expert answers from top personal injury attorneys in Orange County.

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