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Fullerton Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Watching our relatives grow older brings its own new set of worries. As those we love fall victim to the complaints of aging, we contemplate how to provide care for them. In Fullerton and elsewhere in Orange County, we look to all the various medicines, doctors, diets, vitamins—anything and everything we might discover in fading hope of maintaining their health and lives.

We want them to live as independently as they wish. Finally, complications eventually become overwhelming. So, we turn to assisted living, a nursing home, or some other long-term facility to offer the conscientious and consistent care our relatives need but that we are no longer able to provide. Not all nursing home centers are created equal, however. There are situations where one may end up succumbing to the dangers of nursing home abuse and neglect. In these situations, a nursing home abuse attorney is someone that you will want to have on your side.

Many of these Fullerton and nearby facilities provide excellent care. However, many do not. Often undermanned with low paid and inadequately trained staff, many nursing homes plunge the bottom line so far that they endanger lives.

There are situations where nursing home residents may find themselves mistreated, harmed, and threatened. Patients may endure bodily and psychologically exploitation and abuse. Painful sores, possible broken bones, or even premature death can result from this abusive treatment. It is a growing problem on a national level.

All Fullerton nursing homes and long-term care facilities receive federal funds. They must comply with all federal regulations and laws. These lengthy regulations set out in great detail the type and quality of care that occupants in these facilities must receive. Are your family members getting suitable standards of care?

The abuse of the elderly takes place all too habitually. These are some of our society's most vulnerable people, and they are most defenseless when their living situations obviously show they cannot protect themselves.

Senior home abuse takes so many forms, but all of it is damaging in some way – psychologically, bodily, or economically. As the older population increases and society's social dynamics favor nursing home care ever increasingly, there must be vigilance in protecting senior citizens from ill-treatment. Know the signs of nursing home abuse. If you see it in a relative, then contact a nursing home abuse lawyer.

Understanding the scale and breath nursing home abuse may go a long way towards preventing your loved ones from suffering with it.

Among the omnipresent nursing home abuses today is neglect. Nursing home neglect is too often ignored and consequences all too often the death of those elderly people entrusted to nursing home care facilities. The predicament can arise anywhere and can take many shapes. What makes this for the most part disturbing is that it can be disregarded or overlooked for such an extended period. Even repeated visits can find neglect continuously hidden.

Major indicators of abuse:

  • Some bruising or possible bleeding
  • Open cuts, unhealed wounds
  • Various burns or skin abrasions
  • Severe loss in weight
  • Soiling of clothes, smell of urine or feces on the body
  • Infections that should not be there
  • Discernable loss of hair
  • Torn, stained, or bloody clothing or bedding

Less obvious indicators:

  • Extreme listless moods or complete unresponsiveness
  • Child like or other strange behaviors
  • Physical or emotional withdrawal
  • The disappearing of personal items
  • Sudden and major financial transactions

Unfortunately, there are conditions in which people in Fullerton nursing homes suffer an elevated risk for a wide number of ailments. These issues can occur because of a lack of appropriate care, neglect, or they can simply result from the declining physical state that accompanies old age and created a need for long-term care in the first place. If you think your loved might be in danger, contact the facility manager first, but keep the number of a qualified nursing home abuse attorney at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys handy. Call us at 949-203-3814 or contact us for a free consultation.

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