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The Fullerton Employment Lawyers at Bisnar Chase are dedicated to ensuring your workplace health and safety. Millions of workers experience harassment and some sort and many times let it go. This is unfortunate and should be reported.

When a number of employees have suffered the same type of mistreatment in the hands of an employer, they can band together and file what is known as a class action lawsuit. If, for example, a major corporation has failed to pay its employees overtime, the many workers affected by the corporation’s wrongdoing can file a single lawsuit together.

There are positives and negatives to any Orange County class action lawsuit and anyone considering becoming a part of a class action should discuss all of their options with a Fullerton employment lawyer.

The Advantages of Filing a Class Action lawsuit

There are many potential advantages to filing a class action lawsuit.

  • Aggregation of a number of lawsuits into one lawsuit increases the efficiency of the legal process
  • Having many potential claimants for one legal team is considerably cheaper than having many claims with multiple attorneys involved.
  • There will be no need for the same witnesses to testify in each case.
  • Some of the best employment lawyers may not be interested in handling a small claim case for an individual. If, however, many cases are combined into a larger class action suit, then, the claimants will have an easier time securing a skilled and resourceful attorney who has experience fighting large corporations.
  • Compensation that is recovered will be evenly distributed among the members of the class.
  • A large class action suit against a corporation is likely to bring about a change in the company’s policies. While a small, individual lawsuit may not affect how a company does business, a large class action lawsuit may actually inspire change for the betterment of the workforce.
  • Class action lawsuits have the power to give a voice to the powerless. Someone who cannot afford an employment lawyer and who cannot stand up to a negligent corporation may benefit by joining a class action lawsuit.

Disadvantages in Filing a Class Action Lawsuit

A class action is not the best legal option for all potential claimants. If the claimants win their case, there will be a settlement that is divided equally between them. This means that someone who has suffered losses that are greater than the other claimants may want to pull out of the class action lawsuit and file a separate claim.

There is also the potential for a class action lawsuit decision to bind all of the plaintiffs to a small benefit.

Examples of Workplace Class Action Lawsuits

Class action claims are common in employment law because a company that treats one employee poorly is likely mistreating many employees. Common issues such as overtime pay, improper deductions and employee misclassification disputes are common at large corporations.

Overtime pay disputes may involve a company regularly refusing to pay employees overtime for working over eight hours a day or 40 hours a week. They may also involve a failure to provide adequate meal and rest breaks to their employees. Companies involved in an improper deduction claim may be responsible for wrongfully splitting commissions.

Corporations in trouble for misclassification disputes may wrongfully claim an employee is exempt from overtime because of their position or they may wrongfully consider an employee an independent contractor instead of a full time employee worthy of proper pay and benefits.

Contact a Fullerton Employment Lawyer

If you worry that you and your coworkers are being cheated or mistreated by your employer, please do not hesitate to speak with an experienced Fullerton employment lawyer. The reputed Fullerton employment attorneys at Bisnar Chase have a successful track record of fighting for the rights of workers.

Whether your employer fails to provide benefits, refuses to pay overtime, fosters a workplace environment that allows sexual harassment or racial discrimination or simply mistreats employees, please call us at 949-203-3814 or contact us to better understand your legal rights and options.

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