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Fullerton Car Accident Attorneys

Fullerton car accident lawyers

If you have suffered serious injuries from a car collision, the experienced Fullerton Car Accident Lawyers of Bisnar Chase are here to advise you on the legal options you have. Being involved in a car crash is terrifying and navigating through a claim can be stressful.

At Bisnar Chase we don't treat our clients as a number but as a member of our family. For 40 years we have helped people physically and emotionally heal from their wreck. With a 99% success rate our Fullerton car accident attorneys have won millions of dollars for crash victims.

If you or someone you love has experienced pain and suffering due to a car accident call 949-203-3814 for a free consultation.

5 of the Most Dangerous Intersections in Fullerton

Even though Fullerton is known as one of the safest communities in Orange County, it is still not immune from danger zones. Many crashes and severe injuries have been the outcome of Fullerton intersections. Unfortunately, a few lives were taken at these cross streets as well.

Below are five of the most hazardous intersections in Fullerton.

1. Euclid St & Orangethorpe Ave

2. Harbor Blvd & Orangethorpe Ave

3. Harbor Blvd & Chapman Ave

4. Lemon St & Orangethorpe Ave

5. Chapman Ave & Commonwealth Ave

Causes of Car Accidents in Fullerton

Although dangerous intersections can cause devastating vehicle collisions, it is only one of many factors that can lead to a crash. One of the leading causes to car wrecks is distracted driving which can involve eating while driving or texting while operating a motor vehicle.

There are other elements that can lead to an accident though, which are:

Speeding: Not following the speed limits on the road can not only lead to a costly ticket but it can also cost you your life. NHSTA traffic safety facts reported that in one year, over 31% of crashes were a result of speeding and over 13,040 lives were lost as well. The speed limits are not only there to ensure a steady flow of traffic but are also there to protect drivers as well.

Drinking and driving: Drunk driving not only impairs your vision, but it impairs your coordination as well. In California, the illegal amount of alcohol to have in your blood is .08% and above. If you observe that someone you know is slurring their words or having a hard time with bodily movements, call a taxi or an Uber so they can avoid getting behind the wheel.

Weather conditions: Driving in severe weather conditions such as the rain and snow can increase your chances of being in a car wreck. Most weather-related car accidents occur in the winter. In one year 17% of vehicle collisions took place during heavy snowfall. Experts say that you should make sure your brakes are in top-notch condition and if possible stay home until it looks safe enough to drive.

Auto defects: Over the last few years, auto defect-associated crashes have been a prominent incident. NHTSA concluded that over 2.2 million accidents were related to defective car parts in the vehicle. Companies that have had to recall cars due to auto defects include Ford, Toyota and Takata.

Road Rage: Road rage is violent or aggressive behavior that a driver displays when they are upset. Types of behavior include inappropriate language, physical gestures or even worse: dangerous driving methods. Extreme cases of road rage often lead to accidents which can cause severe injuries or even worse: death.

Car Crash Facts and Statistics

Californians fall victim to serious car accidents every day. Data indicates that California has numerous deaths due to vehicle collisions and is one of many states, that has the most fatalities and injuries due to car crashes as well.

The following is statistical and factual evidence of car wrecks in California.

  • Over 793 car accidents involve hitting an object such as tree
  • Vehicle collisions have cost Californians around $21 billion dollars (FADD)
  • October is the most dangerous month for drivers, most vehicle accidents in California occur around this time
  • On average there are eight fatalities per day due to car crashes
  • Exactly 168 pedestrians have lost their lives due to reckless drivers

What to Do When the Insurance Company Contacts You

After a car crash, the other driver’s car insurance will contact you. You are not legally required to speak to their car insurance. Do not speak to the opposite party’s insurance if an individual is claiming serious injuries or if you already have Fullerton Car Accident Attorney.

The objective is to find legal representation that possesses the experience, track record, and credentials to fight for your rights. You also want an attorney who is both aggressive and has gained the respect of the legal community and the courts in which your actions will be adjudicated.

Who Is at Fault in a Fullerton Car Crash?

Depending on the severity of the injuries and the type of car accident, fault can be easily determined. With the help of an attorney, you can determine an amount you should be compensated for your injuries. Below are the types of crashes that can illustrate a clear scapegoat for a car accident.

Rear-end accident: In a rear-end accident, the driver that hits the car in the front is usually the person held accountable for the damages. There should be a substantial amount of space between cars just in case there is a need to suddenly stop.

T-bone collision (side collision): This type of car incident is the deadliest and most dangerous of the collisions. A T-bone accident involves one car crashing head-on into the side of another vehicle. When an accident such as this occurs, it is due to failure of paying attention to the road.

Left-turn crash: Left-turn collisions usually take place when a driver runs a red light. The way to avoid getting in a left-turn accident is to always use your blinker, be aware of your blind spots, not cutting off other drivers and not stopping abruptly.

Common Car Crash Injuries

Every day millions of drivers are sent to the emergency room from injuries that range from minor bruising to paralysis. There are injuries that appear frequently more than others though. If you have suffered from the following physical injuries you may be qualified to receive compensation. Vehicle collision lawyers

Back and neck injuries: The spinal cord is one of the most sensitive components of the nervous system. A small fracture can lead to a person being partially or completely paralyzed. About 38% of spinal cord injuries are caused by car accidents. A complete back injury is when a nerve or multiple nerves are damaged to the point where the body is no longer sending messages to the brain, which is otherwise known as being paralyzed.

Traumatic brain injuries: When a person experiences a sudden blow to the head and suffers severe damage this is known as a traumatic head injury. The common symptoms of a head injury include nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light and blurred vision. People that are predominately at risk of receiving TBI's are males 15-24. If you know someone who is exhibiting these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

Broken bones: The impact of the body being thrown suddenly can cause major damage. Fractured ribs, bones broken in legs and arms are the most common bones ruptured after a vehicle collision. Even if there may not be surgery required to heal, recovering from a broken bone, as an employee, as an employee can take time and money out of your paycheck.

Making a Car Accident Claim in Fullerton

A car accident claim is when an accident victim is asking for a certain amount of compensation from the responsible party’s car insurance. In a minor crash that leaves a slight dent or scratch the car insurance usually pays for the repairs and handles the claim immediately.

In the case of a person being severely injured though, if the accident appears to be very costly, insurance companies may deny the claim.

Insurance companies are not obligated to look out for your interests. Their main goal is to keep your compensation amounts to an absolute minimum.

Should you suffer a car accident, choose an experienced car crash lawyer to advise you.

The Worth of your Car Accident Case

Compensation for a car accident is calculated by the number of losses that occurred in the collision. Bodily injuries can be one element that is included most of the time in motor vehicle crashes. Not only are medical bills that were accumulated after the accident are accounted for, but if a person experiences a permanent disability, then a larger amount will be asked of the negligent party.

Finances necessary to pay off property damage can also be awarded in a personal injury case. Property damage to your car can include how much damage was done to the vehicle, the repairs that will be needed and what caused the crash.

 Car crash lawyers in Fullerton

Fullerton Legal Representation You Can Trust

A skilled Fullerton car accident attorney can make sure you are compensated, not just for medical costs or vehicle repairs, but for many other costs as well. As a car accident victim, you have the right to be reimbursed for lost wages, even if you use sick time. You may also recover additional expenses for the time your vehicle was being repaired or replaced.

The Car Accident Lawyers of Bisnar Chase stand as your advocates for your just compensation. Should you suffer a car accident, choose an experienced car crash lawyer to advise you.

Insurance companies should not be able to control everything. Many car crash victims think that lawyers are too expensive. The law offices of Bisnar Chase offers a free initial consultations and we don't get paid until you get paid.

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