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Fresno Car Accident Lawyers

fresno car accident lawyers

If you've been hurt in a car accident at no fault of your own, contact our Fresno car accident lawyers for a free case review. You may be entitled to compensation. Call or fill out our online case evaluation form for a quick response.

Some of the best Fresno accident injury attorneys provide much-needed advice to those who find themselves involved in a car accident in Fresno, California. Skilled car accident lawyers know that, there are endless details one must keep track of if medical expenses are to be fully recovered. Those who think car accidents only happen to somebody else should refer to Fresno's car collision statistics.

Alarming Car Accident Statistics

In 2006, the California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) reported that 36 people were killed and 1,677 were injured in Fresno car crashes. In addition, 10 pedestrians lost their lives and 133 were injured in car collisions. Car accidents also killed three bicyclists and injured 83. Motorcycle accidents killed two and injured 75. Drunk drivers caused 13 fatalities and 207 injuries. In 2007, 35 car collisions ended in 37 people losing their lives.

Keep Detailed Records After Injury

Highly experienced Fresno car accident lawyers frequently advise their clients to keep detailed records of their medical condition after an accident. This can give credibility to medical injury claims presented later in court or at the settlement table. Yet, while keeping a log or diary can be helpful in tracking one's medical condition after an accident, there are those who find these procedures limiting to their recovery

Don't Dwell on Injuries

Keep in mind that your main goal after an accident should be to recover from your injuries. If maintaining a logbook of your physical and emotional recovery leads you to excessively dwell on your injuries, no amount of eventual compensation can ever balance out this negative aspect of recordkeeping. Most every Fresno car collision lawyer will admit that while keeping daily records of your medical condition can enhance your settlement, in no way should this ever jeopardize your return to good health.

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