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Fresno Bus Accident Lawyers

If you've suffered a bus accident injury, contact our top-rated Fresno bus accident laywers today for a Free case evaluation.

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Working With A Fresno Bus Accident Attorney

We offer free consultations and our Fresno bus crash lawyers perform most bus accident lawsuits on a contingent fee basis. Contingent fees are a small amount of our client's successful award. Our clients never pay us unless we win their case for them and our fees only come from the award we win. There is no payment unless we win your bus accident suit. There are never any hidden charges.

It is important to never sign or agree to any settlement with a bus company, insurance agency, or other party without contacting Bisnar Chase first. Our Fresno bus accident attorneys will take care of all communication between the involved parties. Contact us immediately for a Free consultation.

Fresno Bus Accident Injuries Are Cause To Be Alarmed

Over the years bus accidents have become increasingly common and have resulted in serious and deadly injuries and harm to many involved. Because the laws surrounding bus crashes and accidents in California are always changing, and vary depending on which type of bus is involved in the accident, it is always wise to seek legal advice after being involved in an accident.

A Fresno bus accident lawyer can help you recover monetary compensation associated with your accident related injuries. Our Fresno bus accident attorneys are dedicated to representing bus accident cases throughout Fresno. Our Fresno personal injury lawyers are available to give you a free consultation on your potential case. If you or someone you love has been involved in a bus accident, you may have significant financial awards due to you. Please contact us immediately.

There are Several Types of Bus Accidents that Can and Do Occur.

Each bus accident has its own particular set of circumstances. Whether you were involved in an accident on a Greyhound, bus line charter, school bus accident, city bus, or privately owned and operated bus you will likely have a claim to make. An experienced Fresno bus accident attorney educated in the area's particular laws can help you recover damages that are owed to you as a result.

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Damages May be Recovered for All Types of Bus Accident Injuries

Even if the accident took place at a bus station or somewhere near the bus itself rather than a crash or accident onboard the bus. More serious cases and significant damages are often recovered in school bus accidents which usually involve children. Our Fresno bus accident attorneys are dedicated professionals who work in our client's best interests. We may be able to recover considerable compensation due to injury, wrongful death, medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish and other injuries linked to bus accidents.

While seeking medical attention should always be your first priority it is also important to file a legal claim with a Fresno bus crash lawyer as soon as possible. California has several laws called "statutes of limitations" that make an injured party unable to file a claim after a certain amount of time, regardless of guilt or evidence. Once you contact our office we will handle your case for you completely, so that you and your family can recover from the trauma of the incident.

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