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Fountain Valley Nursing Home Attorneys

Nursing home abuse, neglect and exploitation is a tragic reality throughout Orange County.

While many Fountain Valley nursing homes that live up to the safety and security that we expect, there are still some homes that operate in a negelctful and abusive way.

If you feel your elderly loved one is being mistreated in a nursing home, call us now at 949-203-3814. Our Fountain Valley personal injury lawyers will discuss your legal rights during your free consultation.

Elder Abuse Statistics

The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) reports that it is impossible to know precisely how many elder Americans are mistreated in nursing homes. There is no comprehensive way to review the actual number of injured and exploited elderly, and a large number of cases go unreported. Many elderly victims don't speak up for themselves. Some do not have the ability or opportunity to report wrongdoing. The NCEA reports that there are five cases of elder abuse, neglect, exploitation or self-neglect for every one reported issue.

The NCEA does, however, provide some general statistics that are worth noting:

Between one and two million people age 65 or older have been exploited, injured or have been otherwise mistreated by a care provider. Studies have shown that anywhere between 2 and 10 percent of elderly patients suffer from some form of mistreatment. Estimates suggest that there are approximately 5 million elderly victims of financial abuse each year. Approximately one in 14 incidents of elder abuse come to the attention of the authorities.

How to handle elder abuse according to Attorney Brian Chase

Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

This is when a patient is physically mistreated, harmed and injured. The victim may have pressure marks, abrasions, broken bones or burns. Unexplained bruises and injuries may be warning signs that abuse and a possible cover-up may be taking place.

Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

This is when a caregiver or fellow resident takes advantage of the victim sexually. Bruises around the breasts or genital area may occur from sexual abuse. Sexually transmitted diseases may also be indicative of sexual abuse.

Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes

This is when a resident is continually put-down, insulted or threatened. This form of abuse may not leave a physical mark, but it can be extremely traumatic for the victim. Elderly victims of emotional abuse may become withdrawn, depressed or angry.

Neglectful Staff in in Nursing Homes

This is when a facility fails to provide adequate care. Victims of neglect may be unkempt, malnourished or dehydrated. Some facilities even overmedicate their residents to keep them sedated. Other victims of neglect may have painful and potentially fatal bedsores.

Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes

This is when an elderly patient is taken advantage of for financial gain. Items may be stolen from their room. Checks and credit cards may go missing. Their wills and other legal documents may be altered without the family's approval. These are just a few examples of financially abusive situations that may occur.

Protecting Your Loved Ones from Elder Abuse

In California, nursing home staff are legally obligated to report cases elder abuse. If your loved one is in immediate danger, call 911. Otherwise, relay your concerns to the local adult protective services, the police or a long-term care ombudsman.

You can also call an Eldercare locator who can help you locate a local agency in or near Fountain Valley.

The experienced Fountain Valley nursing home lawyers at Bisnar Chase have helped numerous victims and their families hold unethical nursing homes accountable. Nursing homes have a legal obligation to provide quality care to their residents. Abusing or neglecting vulnerable, frail individuals who are unable to care for themselves, is simply unacceptable.

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